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Sanitary napkin machine Detailed description

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Best aftersale service ladies sanitary napkin making equipment

Location: Default
Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 set/sets
Electric Power Supply: 3 Phase 380V/50Hz
Production Speed: 400-600 pcs/min
Outline Dimension(L*W*H): 20*2.5*2 m
Manufacture Time: 120Days average
       Making machine for sanitary napkin adopts double knife, double mould, double current, one machine replaces two machine to use, which can produce the product of two kinds of specification.It can produce many varieties such as cotton core type, super thin type, silk thin type, three-piece type, medicine type and so on.Manufacturing machine for lady sanitary napkin uses four pieces, double mold and double flow diversion. One machine replaces two machines. The cutting of raw materials and power can save 45% at the same time, which greatly saves product cost.Electric or manual differential device is installed in each working part to realize the adjustment of no-stop limit.
ladies sanitary napkin making equipment 
       Main features

1.Touch screen for man-machine conversation;

2.Main motor drive & PLC control;

3.Cell mill;

4.Drum forming;

5.SAP applicator;

6.ADL short cut unit;

7.Servo inverter optional governor  motor drive unwinder, tension control and splicing for raw material;

8.Current conducting ring is adopted for the heating rotary bodies;

9.Phase can be adjusted during operation;

10.Product auto counting.

Main structural device

1.Cell mill;

2.Suction fan;

3.Drum forming unit;

4.SAP applicator;

5.Absorbent layer compacting unit;

6.Side gather embossing unit;

7.ADL splitting and dotting unit;

8.Embossing unit;

9.Release paper splitting unit;

10.Contour cutting unit;

11.Rotating and Wing folding unit;

12.90 degree revolving unit;

13.Sachet wrapping unit;

14.Adhesive tape splitting unit;

15.Thermo sealing and cutting unit;

16.Waste rejecting unit;

17.Safety door.

       structure of ladies sanitary pads making machine

Main technical parameter




Electric Power Supply

3 Phase/380V/50Hz

Total Power


Pass Rate


Production Speed



Outline Dimension(m)

20*2.5*2 (L*W*H)


detail of sanitary napkin production line          women sanitary pads making machine
       The middle layer of sanitary pad produced by
sanitary pad production line is breathable and contains a highly effective gelatinized layer.The sanitary napkin with high efficiency gelatinization layer can condense the infiltrated liquid into gel-like shape, do not infiltrate back after pressure and the surface does not feel sticky.
       Finished products structure:

       ladies sanitary napkin structure

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