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Cost-reducing automatic toilet roll log saw machine

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Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 set/sets
Production speed: Cutting times60-100times/minx 2rolls/time
Machine size: 5.7*1.8*2 m
Diameter of Jumbo Roll: 90-200 mm
Manufacture Time: 60Days average
Cost-reducing automatic toilet roll log saw machine

       Automatic toilet roll log saw machine is used to produce toilet roll and kitchen paper.The servo motor is used to drive the rotary disk cutter to reduce the degree of skew in the material cutting process.The unique trimming structure solves the problem of different length of the last package and prevents the packaging machine failure caused by too long material.You can see the detailed video of
toilet roll log saw machine if you require.

       toilet roll log saw machine
       Function and character:

1.Equip with programmable controller to auto control production. Auto reset push roll, The cutting length of each roll with adjustable and controllable cutting lifetime period.

2.Adopt touch screen to control the operation with production parameter and breakdown Displaying on the screen-er.

3.Adopt photoelectric inspecting unit and servo driving unit.Electric components and bearing are best quality.

4.It is equipped with auto supplying grinding unit with high accuracy of grinding and safe guarantee.


 log saw machine

Technology parameters:       



Length of jumbo roll


Diameter of Jumbo Roll


Production speed

Cutting times60-100times/minx 2rolls/time

Machine power


Machine size


Machine weight


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       toilet roll

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