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Doublelayer napkin paper machine

Location: Default
Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 set/sets
Model: HC-NP-D
Folding size: (85-137)* (110-200) mm
Unfolding size: (170-275)*(220-400) mm
Manufacture Time: 60Days average
       Doublelayer napkin paper machine

       Double layer napkin paper machine 2
       Napkin paper machine uses paper to process into napkin products through embossing, folding, electronic counting and cutting.The whole process is completed by one operation of the double-layer embossed napkin machine.There are many kinds of rice on the market,sometimes new rice mingles with old rice to sell.Now using a napkin will tell you right away to no longer afraid to buy inferior rice.Wrapping a handful of rice in a napkin and hold it tightly in your hand in just a dozen seconds.Pouring the rice back and observing the change of the napkin paper,if there are any oil spots on the napkin paper, it is usually the old rice with inferior filling.
       Our doublelayer napkin paper machine is accurate counting, accurate cutting, environmental protection and energy saving.In addition, embossment can be made according to the needs of users of various clear and beautiful patterns.You can click 
doublelayer napkin paper machine for detailed information.

       Function and character:

1.The type of equipment is desktop type, it makes users feel easy and convenient,it has the characteristics such as the transparency is high, the paper leading distance  is short, the maintenance of machine is convenient.

2.The most important function of the model after change is that makes the best use of the available space in the heart place. The advantage is:

 ① It strengthened the stability of the heart place and improved the running speed.

 ② The closed function is perfect, it can block paper scraps. It makes the paper scraps separate with principle machine and transmission so that it can be cleaned clearly.

 ③ It extends the working life of  the heart place and reduces the meaningless damage.

 ④ The model of machine is general, it equipped with single roller and double roller embossing, single color and multi-color printing, the structure  is compact and reasonable.(it depends)

3.This model is fit for folding non-woven fabrics and napkin paper, it eliminate the pollution of smeary, iron scrap and belt scrap caused by folding transmission and operation of machine.

4.The modeling is beautiful, it uses little space, the rotating electric box makes up the disadvantages of the whole machine.

5.Loading raw material by flat belt, AP86 speed changing  hand-wheel adjusting.

6.Double-color local gravure printing (print logo ,the printing area is smaller than the whole area of napkin paper).


doublelayer napkin paper machine
       double layer napkin machine
       doublelayer napkin tissue machine

Technology parameters: 



Folding size (mm)

(85-137)* (110-200)

Unfolding size (mm)


raw material (mm)


Embossing functional

Steel to paper roller, steel roller has heating function  

Folding type




Automatic counting

three-digit counting

The folding speed (pcs/min)

900-1200 pcs/min


4KW (380V 50Hz)

Dimension (L*W*H)


Package size (L*W*H)


Colours optional


Finished products:

napkin paper
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