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Diaper machine Detailed description

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Factory price big waist band disposable baby diaper making machine

Location: Default
Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 set/sets
Model: HC-WB-FF
Production Speed: 350 pcs/min
Outline Dimension(L*W*H): 23*7*2.5 m
Manufacture Time: 120Days average
       The base film and non-woven fabric of big waist band disposable baby Diaper machine are provided with online compound function, which can save raw material cost.Big waist band baby diaper can better fit the baby's waist. Big waist band disposable baby diaper making machine is used to make disposable baby diaper with big waist band,which the speed synchronization and phase synchronization are all controlled by frequency conversion motor PLC.Big waist band baby diaper is elastic, which can better fit the baby's waist and make the baby more comfortable to wear.
big waist band disposable baby diaper making machine 
       Main features

1.Cell mill;

2.Drum forming;

3.Tension of the tissue paper & spandex controlled by torque control speed;

4.Servo inverter optional governor adopted for main machine drive;

5.Constant tension unwinding system & auto splicer;

6.Rotary bodies adjustable during operation;

7.PLC drive system;

8.Touch screen for man-machine conversation;

9.New mechanism of waist lamination;

10.Whole welded construction for machine frame;

11.Finished products output in line automatically;

12.Safety doors equipped at the operating side.

Main structural device:

1.Cell mill

2.Suction fan

3.Drum forming unit

4.SAP applying device;

5.Tissue wrapping device;

6.Core compacting device;

7.Core cutting device;

8.Waist band applying device;

9.Elastic ribbon unwinding device;

10.ADL applying device;

11.Cuff embossing device;

12.Front tape applying device;

13.Side-tape applying device;

14.R-cutting device;

15.Final cutting device;

16.Final folding device;

17.Waste rejecting device;

       big waist band baby diaper production line

Main technical parameter:




Electric Power Supply

3 phase/380V/50Hz

Total Power


Pass Rate


Production Speed



Outline Dimension(m)

23*7*2.5 (L*W*H)




       detail of big waist band disposable baby diaper making machine       big waist band baby diaper machine
       After applying the polymer material, the wood pulp is mixed and moulded into a cotton core, which is then compacted by the sanitary paper.The slitting device cuts off the cotton core of the strip evenly, and rubber bands are introduced to form elastic waistline, which is transported by the pressure roller with the bottom film, front-back paste, left-right paste, hydrophilic cloth and water-repellent cloth to form big waist band baby diaper.
       Finished products structure:

       big waist band baby diaper structure

Finished products:

       big waist band disposable baby diaper

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