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Full servo handkerchief tissue single packing machine

Location: Default
Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 set/sets
Model: HC-APP
Air pressure: 0.3m3/min 0.5-0.8mpa
Packaging speed: 70-90 bags/min
Manufacture Time: 60Days average
       Full servo handkerchief tissue single packing machine

       handkerchief tissue single packing machine
       Handkerchief tissue single packing machine uses positioning stop function and is not sticking knife and not waste of packaging film.This machine is suitable for stacking single package of standard or mini type handkerchief paper.The vacuum membrane delivery system makes the membrane delivery more smooth and stable.The film length is set by color mark detection or fixed length, and there has function of no film alarm.       
       handkerchief paper
       Our full servo handkerchief tissue single packing machine is equipped with automatic material handling and stacking feeding mechanism, it can be directly connected with automatic handkerchief paper machine and handkerchief paper bundle packing machine to form automatic production line.All controls are implemented by software to facilitate functional adjustment and technical upgrade, it is never falling behind.You can watch video of
handkerchief tissue single packing machine particularly.

       Function and character:

1.This machine is suitable to package mini type and standard face tissue.

2.With programmable controller,and man-machine interface,technical parameter and production breakdown display on screen-er.

3.Driving system adopts frequency converting control.Packaging materials’ conveyance adopts imported electric-eye look-on system.

4.Setting up alarm,stopping machine and displaying when production breakdown takes place.

5.As per customer’s request,date printer and label sticker can be installed.


       handkerchief paper single packing machine          pocket tissue single packing machine                                                        

Technology parameters:       



Finished product size (mm)



Width of packing material (mm)



Packing material


Programming control


Date printing

To be ordered

Labeling device

To be ordered

Air pressure

0.3m3/min    0.5-0.8mpa

Packaging speed (bags/min)


Finished products:

       handkerchief  tissue

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