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Diaper machine Detailed description

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Good price of disposable baby diaper making machine for sales

Location: Default
Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 Set
Designed speed: 650pcs/min
Machine size(L*W*H): 26*6*3.5m
Machine weight: 50T
Manufacture Time: 120Days average

Good price of disposable baby diaper making machine for sales


Main functions and features

1.Machine servo motor, PLC control, automatic tick waste, downtime by the touch screen display.

2.Replacement tool can produce XL, L, M, S four specifications of the product.

3.Three-dimensional leakage Barrier is formed at machine , elastic waist, frontal waist tape automatic cut, elastic extension can be adjusted freely.

4.When Production, raw materials vacuum adsorption transmission, automatic unwinding, wrapping the splice, the servo motor to control the tension with eight corrector.

5.Mixture of polymer and wood pulp, servo motor control the amount added.

6.The configuration tooth chip high-speed grinder, thus treated and untreated pulp, with enclosures, protective security door.


Main Technical parameter:



Designed speed


Practical speed


Installed capacity

350kw (380V 50Hz)

Machine size(L*W*H)


Working size(L*W*H)


Machine weight


Air compressor

0.6~0.8Mpa 2.2m3/min



Diaper type:

Finished products:


Our company & factory:

HI-CREATE is manufacturer for disposable hygiene products machinery development, design and producing, mainly in production line for baby diaper , sanitary napkin, waistband diaper , training pant(pull up) diaper, adult diaper , and a series of household paper, disposable products processing equipment for toilet paper, tissue paper, and napkin paper.


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