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Diaper machine Detailed description

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High performance machine to pack ventilate baby diapers

Location: Default
Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 set/sets
Model: HC-DMP
Electrical Power consumption: 25KVA
Number of products per row: 10-45pcs/row
Manufacture Time: 120Days average
       High performance machine to pack ventilate baby diapers

       baby diapers packing machine
       Machine to pack ventilate baby diapers uses PE film material packaging bag to pack baby diapers.The size of the packaging bag of the diaper is determined according to the size and quantity of the diaper, so it is usually customized.The machine has function of moisture-proof, dustproof, oil-proof and anti-counterfeiting.The modern baby diapers usually consist of three main parts: the dough layer, the absorption core layer and the substrate cloth.
       baby diapers package
       Our high performance machine to pack ventilate baby diapers can connect with baby diapers production ilne. The production process is from raw materials, incoming materials inspection, production, inspection and performance inspection to packaging, warehousing, finished products inspection and delivery.You can click video of
ventilate baby diapers packing machine for more information.

       Main features

1.Fully servo driven,Servo motor management by electronic CAM

2.Two levels compression, suitable for varied size of packing

3.Modular structure design

4.Quick Auto/ Manual packing size switching

5.Force restrict protection, stable running

6.Stacking and packing 2 in 1, less land occupied

7.Suitable for single row or double rows packing


       baby diapers packing machine          soft baby diapers packing machine

       packaging machine for baby diapers          packaging machine for ventilate baby diapers

       machine to pack soft baby diapers

Main technical parameter       



Working speed

Up to 450-550 pieces/min and 20-30 bags/min

Finished product rate


Product thickness dimensions


Number of products per row


Finished bags dimensions, single row

Min. 120*100*120 mm, Max. 480*140*280 mm(W*H*L)

Finished bags dimension, double rows

Min. 120*100*280 mm, Max. 480*140*560 mm(W*H*L)

Pre-made bags dimensions

Min. 220*220 mm, Max. 580*650 mm(W*L)

Pre-made bags(PE)thickness


General dimensions

5.4*4.1*2.1m, 8.2*4.1*2.1 m(including material receiver)(L*W*H)

Total Weight


Electrical Power consumption


Air Supply


Standard process direction

Left-hand process. Right-hand process direction available upon request.

Finished product structure:

       baby diapers package bag

Finished products:

       baby diapers


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