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Sanitary napkin machine Detailed description

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High-speed quick easy packages sanitary pads making machine china supply

Location: Default
Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 Set
Designed speed: 140m/min
Running speed: 350-400pcs/min
Capacity: 140kw 380V,50 HZ
Manufacture Time: 120Days average

High-speed quick easy packages sanitary pads making machine china supply

Main functions and features

1.Driving way: shaft rotation (this machine adopts frequency conversion motor, gear box, universal shaft, synchronous belt in transmission). 

2.It can produce ultra-thin or fluffy pulp cotton core type sanitary napkin,which is fast-easy package.

3.It adopt PLC+Touchable screen+ frequency control system.

4.Main raw materials automatic splicing device. tension control device. PE film web guide system. unqualified parts will remove automatically. Production of automatic shutdown system failure.

5.Cutter material use 45 # steel, e*tend life of the cutter.

6.Higher speed crusher machine can crush treated or untreated fluff pulp.

7.Touchable Screen: Motor switch on/off, running speed, time, counting pieces, parameter setting, alarm, error display,error enquiry (functions setting appear on screen are different according to different machine type).


Main Technical parameter




Electric Power Supply

3 Phase/380V/50Hz

Total Power


Pass Rate


Production Speed



Outline Dimension(m)

20*2.5*2 (L*W*H)


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