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Semi automatic plastic bag sealing machine

Location: Default
Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 set/sets
Model: HC-PS
Air pressure: 0.5MPA
Total power: 0.4 KW
Manufacture Time: 60Days average
       Semi automatic plastic bag sealing machine

       plastic bag sealing machine
       Plastic bag sealing machine has become a good assistant on the packaging production line.There are some maintenance instructions for the sealing machine.First,dust on the equipment should be treated after the machine is used.Secondly,add some lubricating oil to the transmission gear every 6 months.It is continuous running and suitable for assembly line work.The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product packaging by strict requirements on the equipment.

       tissue paper
       Our semi automatic plastic bag sealing machine is perfect sealing and high efficiency.The machine transports tissue paper with conveyor to seal.You can see the particular message of plastic bag sealing machine.

       Function and character:

1.This machine is suitable for soft drawing , napkins, square, square package of paper bags, seal cutting, soft-drawing side sealing bag as one of the packaging machine.

2. Advanced PLC control, LCD display text operation, parameter setting, control more accurate, so easy worming parts hot wire and high temperature tape more durable; control accurate positioning;adjustable high.

Technology parameters:       



Packing speed

8-12 bag/min

Power supply

220V 50HZ

Air pressure


Total power

0.4 KW

Packing size


Machine size


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