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Simple maintaining packaging machine for toilet multi-rolls

Location: Default
Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 set/sets
Model: HC-PM-C
Power consumption: 2 KW
Machine sizes(L*W*H): 6700*1000*1400 mm
Manufacture Time: 60Days average
       Packaging machine for toilet multi-rolls is mainly used for the medium packaging of toilet paper roll (usually 8-12 rolls or more), instead of the traditional manual bagging or semi-automatic bagging machine, which not only saves manpower but also improves the production efficiency.
        packaging machine for toilet multi-rolls
       Function and character:

1.Multi-function, for packing of tissue roll, the items on the conveyor belt auto, Without manual, conveyor conveying, product auto feed sealing and cutting in one machine, merged with transfer conveyor, direct link to converting machine.

2.Advance PLC technology and screen indicate allows accurate and easy operation, further lasting for heat coil and sealing tape protection.

3.Good tidy, even appearance product are bombinated in the semi-auto conveying, pack and seal machine when connected directly to the product conveying system, less manpower, cost saving with fast and higher production capacity.

4.Comprehensive design, rigid frame, and imported major component, allows our machine to work steadily, efficiently, and long lasting too.

Technology parameters:



Packing speed

6-12 bag/min

Power source

220 V,50 HZ

Air supply

0.5 MPA (Customer provide for oneself)

Power consumption

2 KW

Allowable packing size

Single diameter90-120 * height90-120mm(Diameter and height to be selected)( must be pre-selected),The longest package can be finished length: 600mm,sealing width:220mm

Packing range

Tubular roll and stout cordless rolls (without flattening)

Machine sizes

6700*1000*1400 mm


       detail of toilet multi-rolls packing machine

       Finished products:

       toilet multi-rolls
The upper and lower plates at the mouth of the sleeve are open, and the downward pressure cylinder starts to work to press the paper towel to be packed, and then the paper cylinder sends the paper towel into the pocket and returns, and the sealing moving plate moves out the pressure angle sealing, completing all sealing packing. 

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