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 Do you still need to give your baby diaper in the summer?    The author:HICREATE    Browsing:5    Review:0    
Core tips:Diaper machine Many mothers pay special attention when they take care of their babies in summer.

Many mothers pay special attention when they take care of their babies in summer. The temperature and humidity at home are always in mind, for fear that the air conditioner is too low and cold. What's more, in summer, children don't wear Diapers, and the reason for asking them is because they are afraid of the baby's long fever. In fact, their mothers' worries are understandable. Can I use paper diapers in summer? Will the baby be uncomfortable with the diaper in summer?
 Can it be not wet in summer?
One, preferably not, because sweating in summer is more. It is the mat, in which a big adult diaper is matted under the mat, and the supermarket is sold. It can prevent the children's urine from infiltrating into the mat under the mat. It is often a little hard for the adult to change the diaper for the children.
Two, if you want to use no wet, then you have to open air conditioning, at least not sweating, air conditioning can blow the wind to the ground, instead of blowing to the bed, in addition to air conditioning for a period of time to pay attention to ventilation. So both children and adults sleep more steadily. Note for diaper wet: the best time to stop diaper is 3 year old baby. At the age of 3-6, their brain nerves begin to develop. At this time, the regularity of large and urinary urination should be trained. Children are easy to form "habitual bed wetting" or "lazy bed wetting" if children have been using their urine not to be wet, especially when they are 3 years old, a long time, and a habit of being natural. Why is this? Because the baby will not be wet in the bed after the wetness will feel difficult, and then think of the urine when there will be tension, so that the child will consciously exercise the bladder function of the urine; and the use of "no wet" baby even if the bed, urine is not wet and uncomfortable feeling of stimulation, of course not hold the urine Tense sense of time. This causes the child's bladder to retain urine function without exercising, urination and urine, without self-control. We must correctly understand the difference between diapers and diapers, so that we can choose suitable diaper models and brands for our babies.
 To sum up, no matter whether the child is used without diaper, the purpose for mother is to comfort the children, and mothers never want to be light headed.
 Therefore, it is not using the problem of not needing to wet the urine, but using the problem of inattention.

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