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10 tips on baby diapers

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Core tips:Diaper machine Knowledge 1. What kind of diaper is easy to put on, but not the baby's thigh? There are two tips. One is the design of the waist and waist. There is a kind of diaper that has a 360-degree elastic waist and waist sticker design, so that the baby wh
 Knowledge 1. What kind of Diaper is easy to put on, but not the baby's thigh?
There are two tips. One is the design of the waist and waist. There is a kind of diaper that has a 360-degree elastic waist and waist sticker design, so that the baby who is ready to move can turn left and turn right after dinner. The second is the design of the leak-proof rim. Choosing a diaper with a Leica stretch double leak-proof rim is not only elastic, but also minimizes the irritation of the baby's delicate skin, and does not red mark on the baby's thigh.
Knowledge 2. What should I pay attention to when wearing diapers for children in autumn and winter?
The pants in autumn and winter are thicker and easy to suffocate. Therefore, it is necessary to change frequently, otherwise the long-term stimulation of the urine will cause diaper rash. Before using the new diaper, you can wipe the butt with a soft wipe to keep the part dry. Then the mother can warm the baby and then change the diaper. Local drying should be done quickly to prevent the child from getting cold or using heating oil.
Knowledge 3 The method of changing diapers for your baby in autumn and winter.
When changing the diaper, you can use the gauze handkerchief bought by the baby to wipe the baby's ass. Soak the handkerchief and put it in the microwave oven. It will take about ten seconds. It will be very comfortable for the baby to wipe the butt. of. Then you can put the diaper on your lap to warm up. It will be hot for a while, just a small way, the child will be very comfortable. Finally, the winter diaper must pay attention to the indoor temperature!
Knowledge 4. When choosing the model of the diaper for the baby, is it too big, or is it just right?
Under normal circumstances, choose a suitable diaper for your baby. Although diapers have model restrictions, each model has a certain weight range, you should find a diaper suitable for your baby's weight. Excessive models are prone to leaking urine. Too small models can cause backflow due to the retention of urine more than the diaper's tolerance, and too tight diapers can damage the baby's delicate skin.
Knowledge 5. How long should I change my diaper when I sleep at night?
Mothers can decide according to the number of times their baby is peeing and the quality of the selected diaper. It is necessary to choose a diaper that has a strong absorption capacity and has a three-layer water lock system. When you wake up at night, you can touch your baby's diaper. If it is bulging, you should change it to a new one. only hard father and mother, get up and change diapers for the baby.
Knowledge 6. Can boys and girls use the same diapers?
of course can. It is best to choose a diaper inside the diaper for the baby to grow a little longer. In this way, whether it is a boy or a girl, the urine will be absorbed quickly after urinating, reducing the contact time between the skin and the urine.
Knowledge 7. How to prevent leakage after urine?
To prevent leakage after the urine, pay attention to two aspects. One is to choose the right model, and the other is to wear the diaper. Spread the diaper first, put it under the baby's small buttocks, and put the back slightly higher than the abdomen to prevent urine from leaking out from the back; pull the diaper between the baby's legs up to the navel, and put the buckles on both sides Stick to the waist-adhesive area and do not stick too tightly. If you choose a flexible, glue-free waist patch, the diaper will be more docile, and will not change position as the baby rolls.
Knowledge 8. What should I do if my baby wears a diaper and always has a side leak?
Choose a diaper with a double leak-proof rim design for your baby. In particular, the inner side of the thigh has a raised hem, and the waist also has a leak-proof hem. In this way, side leakage can be effectively prevented when the baby has too much urine.
Knowledge 9. How do the diaper buckles always lick baby legs?
It is recommended to choose elastic, non-adhesive waist diapers, such a waist stick can be magical, it will only stick firmly to the diaper's adhesive area, not sticking to the baby's skin. It can be pasted repeatedly for easy mother's check. Immediately after accidentally touching the emollient oil and water, it can still function as a paste.
Knowledge 10. How much should the baby stop using diapers?
Usually, the baby can take the initiative to tell you that you want to "poop" and "pee", the diaper can be " laid off".
These are the common problems that mothers pay attention to in diapers. Xiaobian here is to recommend a Japanese imported diaper, Ni Piao Baby diaper, perfect solution to the problems that mothers are worried about, and give the baby five-star care.
10 tips on baby diapers
Interested mothers, may wish to give your baby a try!!! 10 little knowledge about baby diapers
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