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Core tips:Diaper machine When the treasure mother knows that the baby can use the diaper, mainly diapers, pull pants, diapers, but these three are enough to make many novice parents confused. What is the difference between them? How to choose better? Today, Yi Enbei will tell you
 When the treasure mother knows that the baby can use the Diaper, mainly diapers, pull pants, diapers, but these three are enough to make many novice parents confused. What is the difference between them? How to choose better? Today, Yi Enbei will tell you about the difference between the three.
In fact, the same brand of diapers, pull-on pants and diapers are basically the same in material, the main difference is in appearance and structure. So today, they focus on the differences in the flexibility of the waistline, the fixing effect, the convenience of wearing and dropping, the amount of water absorption, the side leakage prevention, and the price.
First, the waist elastic and fixed effect
Diaper: The elastic waist of the diaper is composed of a magic button that can be repeatedly pasted. The fixing effect is better. The parents can adjust the tightness according to the size of the baby's belly waist, so that no matter how the baby moves, it is not easy to fall off, but the baby activity Degree will decrease.
Pull-on pants: The appearance is like a small underwear, not only has a 360-degree elastic waist design, but also has a better fit to the baby's body shape compared with the elastic waist of the back waist part of the diaper, and the baby is more comfortable to wear. There will be no sense of restraint. However, there is no magic buckle that can be adjusted at any time, so parents should pay attention to the size of the baby when purchasing.
Diaper: It looks like a Sanitary napkin. It has neither the "small wings" of the Sanitary napkin nor the rubber strip on the back, nor the magic buckle design of the diaper, and the elastic waist of the pull-on pants, so the fixing effect will be poor. , can not be used alone, need to use elastic band, diaper cover or diaper belt to use.
Second, wear and tear convenience
Diapers: The baby needs to lie down to change. If the baby is more active, it not only increases the difficulty of wearing, but also may cause problems such as leaking urine.
Pull-up pants: just pull up like a panty. When you take off, just gently pull the elastic waist on both sides. It can be replaced whether the baby is standing or lying down. It is suitable for turning over. Baby sitting alone, learning to climb and toddlers is also the best choice when going out.
However, for low-month-old babies, diapers and pull-on pants are similar in convenience because they need to be replaced by lying. Therefore, the trousers are recommended for larger babies. If it is in the winter, the baby wears a lot of pants on the lower body. The pull-up pants need to take off all the pants, and then put them on one layer, which will be more troublesome. It is more convenient to wear diapers, so it is more convenient. The pants are more suitable for wearing in the summer.
Diapers: You also need your baby to lie down to change. First put the diaper and diaper tape under the baby's buttocks in order, cover the baby's small belly with the front part of the diaper, and then fix it with the diaper. The operation method is relatively cumbersome. If the child is active and does not cooperate, the parent's operation is more difficult.
Third, the amount of water absorption
Because of the different design of the cut, the shape of the diaper, the trousers and the diaper are also different. The diaper has the smallest body shape and the diaper has the largest body shape.
▲Yi Enbei pro soft instant diaper after water absorption show
The amount of water absorbed by diapers and pull-on pants is similar, and the amount of water absorbed by the diapers is the least, which means that each piece of diapers is used for a relatively short period of time, and the amount of use is relatively large.
Fourth, anti-side leakage effect
Diapers: There are anti-side leakage designs on both sides, which can prevent the urine from overflowing from the side due to the inability to leak in time, which can liberate the mother's hands very well;
Pull-on pants: there are also anti-side leakage on both sides. In the anti-side leakage effect, it is basically the same as the diaper;
Diapers: Although the material is the same as the diaper, it also has anti-side leakage, but the structure is simpler than the diaper, and the fixing effect is poor. After absorbing urine or baby activities, it is prone to side leakage.
Five, product prices
The three products are different in price. Take the Yi Enbei soft instant suction series as an example: single piece price: pull-up pants > diapers > diapers
Comprehensive assessment
Smaller babies: Because of the high number of stools and the need to change multiple times, the cost of using pull-ups is high, and the pull-on pants are not suitable for small-month-old babies, so diapers and diapers are recommended. Compared with both diapers and diapers, although the price of single diapers is lower, due to the low water absorption, the fixing effect and the anti-side leakage effect, it needs to be replaced frequently. If it is slightly careless, it will be implicated in the sheets and Clothing, also requires labor and water to clean. Therefore, in all aspects, the cost of diapers is higher.
A baby with a relatively old age: lively and active, diapers are not suitable. The number of bowel movements is relatively reduced every day, and it is not going to lie down to let the mother change the diaper. It is easier to use the pull-up pants, and it is superior in practicality.
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