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1take it easy! The truth about ABC sanitary napkins is now not too late.

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine take it easy! The truth about ABC sanitary napkins is now not too late. In the few days of each month, the lonely egg can't wait for the sperm that belongs to her, and it will sweep into the endometrium and turn into a red lightning, which will be
take it easy! The truth about ABC Sanitary napkins is now not too late.
In the few days of each month, the lonely egg can't wait for the sperm that belongs to her, and it will sweep into the endometrium and turn into a red lightning, which will be a big aunt! In the face of this "lost love scene", the aunt's towel is undoubtedly the best choice to clean up the mess. However, how many years of intimate contact, the "inside" about the aunt's towel, are you still in the dark? Don't be nervous, now it's not too late...
Cool aunt towel is not good for health
Hot summers, hot spots in the private parts make many women particularly enthusiastic about cool aunts. However, the rumors that the cool aunt towel is not conducive to women's health are also plaguing women. In this regard, there has been a lack of public and authoritative third-party authorities in the market to respond. Until recently, a research report issued by Sun Yat-sen University opened the answer for us. The survey, conducted by the School of Public Health of Sun Yat-Sen University, used a method of epidemiological research to randomly select about 2,500 unbroken women aged 18-45 years old to use a refreshing Sanitary napkin containing a healthy formula. The situation is investigated. The survey included menstrual history, self-perception, gynecological symptoms and diseases, and use of feminine hygiene products. After 9 months of follow-up research, comprehensive evaluation of the test group using the cool sanitary napkins and the control data using the non-cooling sanitary napkins found that: 1. Cool sanitary napkins for female palace cold related indicators such as chills limbs Cold, lower abdomen fall, the symptoms of bowel movements and other symptoms have no statistical difference, that is, cool products will not produce palace cold; 2. continuous use of high-quality hygiene products, will bring better privacy for women Health trends; it can be seen that rumors of healthy sanitary napkins that are not conducive to women's health are not true.
Not only that, but the research report of Zhongshan University also found that a cool sanitary napkin with a healthy formula can bring more health protection to women. Continuous use of cool sanitary napkins can effectively inhibit dysmenorrhea, reduce the frequency of dysmenorrhea, relieve menstrual discomfort; even improve the frequency of leucorrhea odor, can effectively reduce the production of leucorrhea odor; from the personal experience, the use of "cooling with plant ingredients" The sanitary napkins prefer a cool sanitary napkin after long-term use, and there is a shift in preference. As the first domestic sanitary napkin tracking research, the relevant conclusions of this report undoubtedly brought the gospel to women who are keen on cooling sanitary napkins.
Brand sanitary napkins are produced without the addition of fluorescing agents
Reports on "the addition of fluorescent agents to cancer in sanitary napkins" have set off a bloody hurricane in the world of towels, and the top ten sanitary napkin brands in China have become the target of public criticism. Female compatriots can't help but worry. Does the daily-purchased sanitary napkin really contain fluorescent agents? In fact, fluorescent dyes are not required in the production of regular branded sanitary napkins, and sanitary napkin manufacturers are unable to add fluorescent agents to the production process. If a sanitary napkin has a fluorescent agent, it is also derived from raw materials. The main raw materials of sanitary napkins, such as fluff pulp, non-woven fabrics, etc., do not require the addition of a fluorescent agent per se. Some raw materials themselves emit fluorescence, such as adhesives. Therefore, the method of simply irradiating with a UV lamp on the market cannot scientifically judge whether the sanitary napkin contains a fluorescent agent, and can only judge whether or not the "fluorescent substance" is contained. However, not all luminescent substances are fluorescent agents. Judging whether a aunt's towel contains a fluorescent agent requires more precise chemical analysis. Therefore, female friends only need to choose the regular sanitary napkin brand for menstrual care, so don't worry too much, increase the psychological burden of menstruation.
The fluff pulp in the sanitary napkin has no side effects on the private parts.
The rumors about the fluff pulp in the circle of friends have not been a day or two, which has made many female friends worried. In fact, fluff pulp is made from a number of specific wood (wood pulp) processes. Compared with the general pulp board, the fluff pulp board has longer fibers and the fiber itself has good strength and can effectively absorb liquid. There are indeed some small workshops that use pulverized sanitary napkins, used newspapers, etc. to make secondary recovery fluff pulp, and bleaching processing to increase white brightness. However, brand manufacturers are all purchased fluff pulp through regular channels, and are regularly sent to the local quality supervision department for sample testing. The annual inspection of the company's annual health permit is required to pass these test reports, so the purchase of regular products is guaranteed. Some micro-commercial brands in the market publicize the sanitary napkin brands as the fillings of fluff pulp made from recycled newspapers, which is obviously unfavorable to consumers. Consumers should face up to the fluff pulp and not be misled by rumors.
take it easy! The truth about ABC sanitary napkins is now not too late.
Women are like flowers, and menstruation is a sign of flowering. In the days when they were unwell, women were most vulnerable to fragility and anxiety. Learn more about the "inside" of the aunt's towel, stay away from the rumors, and let your aunt rest assured to go!
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