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2018 Shanghai 4th Catering Disposable Tableware & Supplies Exhibition

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Core tips:Disposable tableware machine With the development of China’s economy, the improvement of people’s living standards and the change of consumer attitudes, more and more people are using and discarding disposable packaging products almost every day. The number of tableware is the highes
Core tips:
2018 The 4th Shanghai Catering Disposable tableware & Supplies Exhibition was held.
2018 Shanghai 4th Catering Disposable Tableware & Supplies Exhibition
2018 Shanghai 4th International Environmental Tableware Exhibition
 Disposable tableware machine
Shanghai 4th catering disposable tableware and packaging exhibition
Exhibition time: May 14-18, 2018
Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center - Shanghai Hongqiao (333 Songze Road)
[Joint Sponsorship]
Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences
All-linked Environmental Services Chamber of Commerce
【Associate/Support Unit】
Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association
International Solid Waste Association
French Consulate General in Shanghai Commercial Office
German Waste Management, City Cleaning Association
Bavarian Ministry of Environment and Public Health
German technology cooperation company
With the development of China’s economy, the improvement of people’s living standards and the change of consumer attitudes, more and more people are using and discarding disposable packaging products almost every day. The number of tableware is the highest, and it is already in line with people’s lives. Closely related. The rapid development of the fast food industry and the tourism industry has promoted the use of disposable tableware, while the use of disposable tableware has also promoted the development of the fast food industry and tourism industry. According to the statistics of the traffic department, tens of millions of people are on the move each day, and there are more than 500 million fast food boxes used for railway transportation each year. The annual consumption of fast food in cities is more than 10 billion, and various types of trays, cups, and aviation for instant noodles and supermarkets are used. The total volume of disposable packaging products used by the industry and other industries exceeds more than 30 billion, and it is still growing at a rate of 6% per year.
"UnSanitary, non-degradable" is the public's understanding of ordinary disposable tableware products. Compared with the traditional one-time foaming tableware, the popularity of environmentally-friendly cutlery, low market recognition, and high use costs all constrain the promotion and development of the environmental protection tableware industry. The environmental protection tableware industry as an emerging industry, the new national standard "General technical requirements for plastic disposable tableware" was formally implemented, and brought a booming spring for the environmental protection tableware industry. In order to fully display the new products, new technologies, and new technologies of China's environmental protection tableware industry. The “2018 Shanghai International Environmental Protection Tableware Exhibition” sponsored by the Shanghai Food and Beverage Association will be held on May 14th to May 16th at the National Convention and Exhibition Center - Shanghai Hongqiao. The total area of ​​30,000 square meters, more than 55,000 professional visitors. The exhibition will, as always, provide more professional services to industry customers and create more influential trade shows.
【Promotion of the General Assembly】
1. Professional Exhibition: This exhibition is a national event of the food and beverage chain industry. It is a large-scale, high-grade, high-profile investor.
2. Market Demand: In today's rapid economic development, the chain industry is increasingly recognized by everyone. It is somewhat difficult for some people who are looking for funds to find projects. Many projects are difficult to choose, and the only impact on the arrival of the economic crisis is unaffected. The restaurant industry is undoubtedly the first choice for these investors.
3. Strong media propaganda: The conference group has invested a lot of money, more than 30 paper media, more than 40 magazines, and 50 websites to spread coverage and actively launched all members to support this exhibition. A full range of promotional strategies ensure the exhibition. success!
4. Invitation for professional visitors: The first 30,000 tickets for the first time in the country (10% of the political session, 35% of chain stores, 50% of franchisees, 5% of media), 50,000 tickets are sent in advance, 30,000 invitations are mailed, and similar exhibitions are distributed. The conference group will also work closely with major websites, newspapers, and magazines in the industry to send free tickets to members of these media to ensure that investors will attend the conference first.
5. Superior exhibition environment: The National Exhibition and Convention Center - Shanghai Hongqiao has superior geographical location, convenient transportation, convenient food and accommodation, large scale, advanced equipment, complete functions, scientific management and first-class service. The museum area is full of trees and blossoms. The rippling waves of the lake, with the galleries of the galleries, and the classical buildings of the Biwa Huanghuai, make the environment beautiful and a first-class modern exhibition hall in China.
[propaganda media]
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【Exhibition area】
◆ raw and auxiliary materials: biodegradable materials, biodegradable masterbatch, fully degradable polylactic acid, degradable film, water-soluble packaging film, starch-based plastics, additives, pulp molding, biodegradable plastics, material packaging materials for industries, new polymer environmental protection materials , biodegradable packaging bags, etc.
◆Environmental protection tableware products: paper disposable tableware products, disposable corn starch tableware products, disposable potato starch tableware products, disposable tapioca starch tableware products, fiber type environmental protection tableware products, disposable crystal tableware Products, pp tableware products, HIPS tableware products, etc.
◆ Machinery and equipment supporting enterprises: Degradable disposable tableware forming machine, starch plate production line, tableware automatic punching machine, disposable cup production equipment, automatic non-wood straw fiber environmental protection tableware production line, automatic pulp molded tableware production line, pulp mold Equipment, disposable pulp molded tableware production line, molding machine, one-step extrusion molding machine, high-speed injection molding machine, etc.
◆ Reusable shopping bags: non-woven bags, gift bags, biodegradable shopping bags, plastic bags, food bags, wine bags, daily necessities bags, storage bags, garbage bags, high pressure bags, low pressure bags, polypropylene bags, OPP Bags, self-sealing bags, industrial packaging bags, industrial packaging films, etc.; Biodegradable packaging: all kinds of degradable packaging products, food packaging boxes, candy chocolate packaging boxes, wine packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes, paper packaging boxes, vacuum packaging Boxes, brush packing boxes, stamping boxes, labels and other disposable degradable tableware, hotel disposable degradable products, green plastic products, degradable lunch boxes, degradable food spoons, photodegradable shopping bags, paper boxes, cartons, foodstuffs Environmental packaging containers, beverage environmental packaging containers, green packaging products, colored paper baskets, etc.
【Exhibition fee】
Domestic-funded company standard exhibition RMB13800/9m2 (3m×3m) bare spot RMB1300/m2
Foreign companies exhibit USD 3800/a 9m 2 (3m×3m) USD 380/m 2
Joint venture company exhibition RMB16800/each 9m2 (3m×3m) bare spot RMB1500/m2
Light does not contain any preparation, companies design their own decoration (minimum 36 square meters)
9m2 standard booth fee (including: exhibition site, 2.5m high wall board, a Chinese-English fascia board, a table for negotiation, two chairs, 220V power socket, two spotlights, and carpets in the booth; Note: Double Open booth plus 20% fee;)
【Advertising Project】
1. In order to tie in with the exhibitors' promotion during the exhibition and allow the customers to understand the exhibitors and communicate with them after the meeting, the conference group will carefully edit the conference proceedings and publish it in addition to the professionals who visit the site, but also to the competent department of the industry and the agency Business, sales, user units, research institutes, associations, etc., will be sent by the company, and the enterprise can recognize the conference page according to the specific situation.
Front Cover Front Page Inside Color Page
30,000 yuan 20000 yuan 15,000 yuan 12,000 yuan 6,000 yuan
【Exhibition Procedures】
1. Fill out the "Exhibition Receipt Form" and fax it to the organizer.
2. Exhibitors are required to pay 50% of the bank's telegraphic booth rental as a deposit (RMB) or to pay the full amount in one lump sum to implement the booth location. The balance of the booth rental should be paid no later than March 15, 2018.
3. After confirming the booth, the organizer will send an Exhibitor Manual to the exhibiting company. The manual includes information about the introduction of the exhibition hall, transportation of the exhibits, design and construction of the booth, accommodation arrangements, and rental of goods. Exhibitors must fill out the relevant forms in the handbook as required and return it to the organizer before the deadline.
4. The distribution of booths is based on the principle of "subscribing first and then confirming the implementation."
[Sponsorship opportunity]
In order to enhance the reputation of the company's image and brand, and highlight the outstanding product quality, the organizing committee has provided a variety of opportunities for strategic cooperation and promotion. As a strategic cooperation unit participating in this exhibition, it will get more value-added service promotion opportunities. (For details of the sponsorship, please call the Organizing Committee.)
1. Chief strategic cooperation unit (only one); 2. Strategic cooperation unit (only two);
3. Special industry co-organizers (2 companies only); 4 Co-organizers (4 companies only);
5, supplier sponsorship (unlimited);

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