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9 Hilarious Toilet Paper Holders That Your Bathroom Absolutely Needs

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Toilet tissue machine 9 Hilarious Toilet Paper Holders That Your Bathroom Absolutely NeedsBy Stephanie Booth | Apr 20, 2018tp-holdersIf it ain
 9 Hilarious Toilet Paper Holders That Your Bathroom Absolutely Needs
By Stephanie Booth | Apr 20, 2018
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" shouted no maker of home goods ever. Because there's always room for change, if not necessarily improvement, right?
That's why when you go into your local hardware store to buy a simple toilet paper holder, you'll find a dozen designs and finishes to choose from. And if you look for a TP holder online, you'll find that a huge swath of people consider this overlooked accessory a potential work of art.
Or at least a source of humor.
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Bathroom feeling a little blah? Need something to ponder while you're on the throne? Or maybe you just like freaking out your guests? No matter the reason, we've uncovered some clever toilet paper-holder options we guarantee you've never considered.
1. If you like to count sheep...
Wool you look at this loyal holder (, $44.99) bravely standing by to help in a pinch? And who said dogs are man's best friend?
A sheepish way to hold your TP
A sheepish way to hold your
2. If you make friends wherever you go...
Then obviously, you'll want a friend in the loo, too. This emoji-like guy (, $17.99)—who comes in white, yellow or green—makes it easy. Just be warned: He always talks with his mouth full.
Sharing is caring.
Sharing is
3. If you're an expert dele-gator...
Then you'll want to hand off TP duties to this snazzy gentleman (, $35.17). Not only will this gator ply you with toilet paper but, according to the product description, he also helps your bathroom "appear cleaner."  We're not quite sure what that means, but we'd love to find out.
4. If you take 'being on the throne' seriously...
Then you need a knight in full armor at your service! Literally. This little man (, $66.31) is fit for a king (or queen) and mounts directly on your wall. Bend the knee! (Seriously, it's the healthy way to go.) Dragon and gargoyle options are also available, if you're looking to play up your Gothic bathroom decor.
Game of thrones, indeed!
Game of thrones, indeed!
5. If you view the bathroom as a scary place...
Lean into it. Who says ghoulish pranks should only take place on Halloween? If you like scaring the crap out of people (yes, we went there) and you have some disposable cash, swoop up one of these Grim Reaper toilet paper holders (Amazon, $55.90) and freak people out all year round.
What will he want in return?
What will he want in return?
6. If you're into vintage...
Polaroids may be obsolete, but this clever faux-camera (, $18.99) will instantly give you a dose of nostalgia and toilet paper. Just don't "shake it like a Polaroid picture."
Let's hope there's no real film in there.
Let's hope there's no real film in
7. If you like a show of strength...
Then "Mr. T" (Amazon, $24.95) and his ability to lift two rolls of toilet paper at once will impress you. Even better? He's waterproof (will never rust) and his "awesome strength never lags or wobbles," according to the product description. Careful, though: You may need to warn your kids (repeatedly) that this fun-sized strongman has an important job and needs to stay in the bathroom.
The greatest Festivus gift ever
The greatest Festivus gift
8. If you tend to hog the bathroom...
This handmade little piggy (, contact supplier for price) and you will get along just fine. Pay no mind to his bashful demeanor—he's not judging.
This little piggy's not going to the market anytime soon.
This little piggy's not going to the market anytime
9. If you don't mind going there...
Not only does this bear (, $68.12) not go in the woods, but he would like for you to keep him constantly stocked with his own supply of toilet paper. Dignified!

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