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Allowing poor women in India to afford sanitary napkins

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine Many poor women in India can't afford sanitary napkins, and they can only spend the "inconvenient days" with rags or simple things. In order to change this situation, the Indian man Arunach Chalam Muruga South Sam has developed a machine
Many poor women in India can't afford Sanitary napkins, and they can only spend the "inconvenient days" with rags or simple things.
In order to change this situation, the Indian man Arunach Chalam Muruga South Sam has developed a machine for producing cheap Sanitary napkins for several years, during which he suffered setbacks, misunderstandings and white eyes, and almost lost his wife.
Start experimenting for your wife
Muruga South Sam said: "All this has to start from my wife."
In 1998, Murugan South Samuel Shanti was married. The newly-married Yaner, who turned around his wife all day, was diligent. One day, he found that his wife was hiding something and walked over with a suspicious look. It was actually a rag. Luganan Sam said: "To tell the truth, the cloth is broken and I don't want to wipe the motorcycle." Unexpectedly, the wife took it as a sanitary napkin.
“Why don’t you buy sanitary napkins?” he asked. The wife told him that he couldn't afford it. If he bought a sanitary napkin, he couldn't buy milk or some daily necessities.
Murugan South Sam is very sad. He went to the city to buy sanitary napkins and put it on the palm of his hand. about 10 grams, he sold 4 rupees (about 0.41 yuan), which is 40 times the price of the same weight cotton. Muruga South Sam is thinking about it, can you make sanitary napkins cheaper?
According to the survey, only 12% of Indian women use sanitary napkins, and 70% of reproductive diseases are associated with indifference to menstrual hygiene. Muruga South Sam is determined to change this situation. He used cotton to make sanitary napkins for the wife and sister to try, but they refused because of shyness or suspicion. He went to the medical school girl and persuaded 20 people to try it out, but only 3 people gave him a feeling of trial.
Experience product effects firsthand
In desperation, Muruga South Sam personally experienced the feeling of using sanitary napkins. He got a drug from a friend who works in the blood bank to prevent the blood from coagulating too quickly, blending it into the sheep's blood, pouring the sheep's blood into the football liner, and poke a few holes in the gallbladder. He carried the "uterus" and the sanitary napkin placed under the "uterus" to walk, run, and ride the bicycle to check the effect of the sanitary napkin.
The people around him felt that Muruga South Sam was crazy, and friends saw him avoiding it. The wife couldn't stand the fact that he spent almost all of his time and money pondering about it, and he couldn't stand the gossip. He left him back to his family.
Lonely battle and success
The wife’s departure did not allow Muruga South Sam to give up. He asked medical school girls to test sanitary napkins made by different methods, and to use used sanitary napkins to compare the absorption of blood from sanitary napkins of different materials.
Local feudal superstitions prevail, and Muruga South Sam needs to be quite courageous to do so. His widowed mother left the house. The villagers identified the Muluga South Sam Demon possession, and tied him to the tree and asked the wizard to exorcise him. He agreed to move out of the village and then gave up.
Muruga South Sam found a university professor to help, in return, he gave the professor a housework. Under the guidance of the experts, Muruga South Sam found the crux of his sanitary napkins: the wood pulp was not added to the cotton.
After four and a half years of hard work, Muruga South Sam has developed a simple production of sanitary napkins. The device can produce 200 to 250 UV-sterilized sanitary napkins per day, each priced at 2.5 rupees (0.26 yuan).
Received the "National Innovation Award"
The Indian Institute of Technology applied for the India National Innovation Award for the equipment of Muluja South Sam. Among the 943 participating projects, the project to produce cheap sanitary napkins received the highest rating.
Soon, he received a call: "Remember who I am?" It turned out to be his wife, Chandy. Chandy said that she was not surprised by her husband's success. "When he wants to know something new, he will get to the bottom." Chandy is now a good assistant to Murugan South Sam, and his mother and villagers have changed their minds.
The equipment developed by Muruga South Sam is easy to operate and can be learned in an hour, all installed in women's homes. Women can buy sanitary napkins from sisters at a low price, even without money, but with potatoes, onions and the like.
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