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Baby can wear diapers for a few years

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Core tips:Diaper machine It is not advisable to use diapers after 3 years old After the baby is 3 years old, it is not recommended to continue using the diaper. In general, a three-year-old child already has a certain ability to express, and the need for his own bowel movement
Baby can wear Diapers for a few years
Young parents like to use convenient diapers for their babies, get rid of the process of washing their buttocks and washing diapers, but does diaper affect children's growth and health? How long can a baby wear diapers?
It is not advisable to use diapers after 3 years old
After the baby is 3 years old, it is not recommended to continue using the diaper. In general, a three-year-old child already has a certain ability to express, and the need for his own bowel movement can be clearly expressed. And continue to give the child the illusion of free and easy to use, is not conducive to exercise the bladder function of the child's bladder.
In addition, as the child grows up, the necessity of the diaper for the child will gradually decrease, but the disadvantages are more obvious. For example, the diaper has relatively poor air permeability, and the diaper is wrapped all day. If it is improperly cleaned and improperly treated, it is easy to cause red buttocks, that is, diaper rash. More serious is that it may cause urinary infections, especially girls. Because of the self-cleaning function of the vagina, even a little girl has vaginal secretions. As the child grows, the secretions of the vagina will increase. The use of diapers is not conducive to keeping the vulva clean and dry. If you do not pay attention to cleaning, it is easy to cause urinary infection. The age of three is the age of the kindergarten, the increase in contact with the outside world, the care and clean-up of the parents, and the continued use of diapers is undoubtedly an increase in the health of children.
"Guan" diapers depends on the timing
How to do "Guan" diapers, not to use the baby? This is very simple to say, in fact, blindly take away the baby's diapers, it is likely to suffer from the "resistance" of the baby, such as continuing to urinate, resulting in parents Their troubles are even anger, or they are "not" urinating and defecating when they leave the diaper. Therefore, "ring" diapers are not patted on the head to say that they should stop, should look at the timing.
The timing of each baby's “ringing” diapers is different, which is related to the baby's physiological development, whether the parents have advanced education, and whether there is a good role model in life. In general, the child's physiological maturity is a good time to "quit" the diaper. If you can sit on the toilet, you can express your own physiological needs, know to take off your pants and so on.
In addition, parents are advised to pay attention to these details, such as whether the baby can suddenly stop and urinate while playing, which means that he perceives his physiological needs; whether the baby likes to imitate the behavior of adults, which means that you can imitate by letting the baby Let him learn or be willing to defecate himself; or the baby can sit for 3-5 minutes and listen to you or tell a story. In general, the right timing can make the baby quit the diaper more smoothly, and even more effective.
Create an environment for your baby
Letting your baby get rid of diapers is not a task that can be completed overnight. Parents should make long-term efforts and pave the way for this. Parents' words about "the baby will have a diaper without a diaper" are all lazy performances for babies who have already reached the "knock" diaper timing. In general, the baby has to change from conditioned to true self-care, to be around two years old. But starting from the child's six months of self-sufficiency, you can start training.
First of all, you can start from the small toilet seat. Parents should find out the rules of the child's urine and urine. After 40 minutes of drinking, there will be a need for urination. At this time, let the baby sit on his own small toilet and make a "嘘"嘘", "Hmm" sound, help the baby to establish the conditioning of bowel movements. Liu Haiyan reminded that the time for sitting on the toilet should not exceed 5 minutes. It is best to be in the toilet every time, so that the baby can understand the relationship between the toilet, the toilet and the toilet. If the baby does not care, parents can try again later and carefully observe whether the baby gives a signal. It is worth mentioning that the toilet used by the child must be properly selected, such as whether it is deep enough, so that it can be discharged smoothly; whether it is comfortable to sit, such as whether the baby can step on the floor when sitting down.
Second, parents can “go to the bathroom” with their baby. As the child grows, the ability to imitate and imitate will increase. At this time, parents can pretend to go to the bathroom and take the child to watch and imitate. Deepen the impression of the toilet on the toilet.
In addition, you can try not to use diapers for your child during the day. If your child is doing well, you can consider not using diapers at night. In this process, parents should be prepared for bedwetting. For young children, bedwetting before 5 years old is a normal thing. Never give too much blame. A child who has a habit of drinking milk before going to bed, the parents can ask him to get up and urinate in an hour or two, which can effectively avoid the situation of bedwetting.
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