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Baby diapers domestic brand "Xiong", baby hit "safety card" hot sale

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Core tips:Diaper machine In fact, there are more and more tide moms in China and Ms. Wu. In large and medium-sized cities such as Wuhan, Changsha and Xi'an, baby diapers have already become “hot-selling goods” and have led the domestic brands to “foreign brands” to launch a
"This is my third time to buy baby safe, the effect is good, the cost is also high, today I decided to buy a few big bags to go back!" Ms. Wu Ms. Wu in the "Tide Mama" group to speak.
In fact, there are more and more tide moms in China and Ms. Wu. In large and medium-sized cities such as Wuhan, Changsha and Xi'an, Baby diapers have already become “hot-selling goods” and have led the domestic brands to “foreign brands” to launch a comprehensive counterattack with the status of “safety Diaper benchmark”, composing and witnessing domestic children's products. An epoch-making change in the market.
Frequent "trust" crisis The days of diapers "foreign brands" are not good!
In the past ten years, children's imported products have occupied a huge market share. However, in recent years, there are many quality problems hidden behind the “foreign brand” infinite scenery, which leads to frequent trust crises, and the maternal and child products diaper industry is no exception.
According to the data, in the first half of this year, the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions detected a total of 2841 batches of unqualified imported children's products, of which 165 batches were unqualified in quality and safety, and the batches of unqualified quality and safety increased by 13% compared with the same period of 2013.
The honey buds that had been caught in the fake incident before, made the moms who trusted the foreign brands sensitive. Subsequently, the data released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, unqualified imported diapers from January to May, a total of 953 batches, the detection of imported diapers safety quality unqualified products have 8 batches, of which 6 batches of Japanese famous The brand "Kao" diaper packaging has a problem of damage, if it is easy to cause biological damage to infants and young children. Undoubtedly, this amazing data has greatly reduced the trust of foreign brands.
The decline in reliability is an external factor in the anti-heating of “foreign brands”, and the rise of domestic brands is an important internal cause. More importantly, the main consumer power in the maternal and child market is 80, 90 parents. Because of the high level of education, the knowledge of baby-care is much better, the treatment of “foreign brands” is more and more rational, and the “foreign brands” rely on “fudges”. The era of high-priced hot sales is gone!
Fighting the quality is safer, the domestic brand of baby diapers wins the "foreign brand"
According to the data, the baby diaper market has huge room for growth due to the “two-child alone” policy. It is expected that in the next five years, the domestic baby diaper market will still maintain a double-digit growth rate. At present, the annual demand for baby diapers and diapers in China is only about 25 billion yuan. But according to data group Euromonitor, China's largest diaper market in the world will nearly triple in size from 2010 to 2017, from 20 billion yuan to 57 billion yuan.
It is precisely because of the favorable trend of the industry that the baby diaper industry is growing rapidly, and baby diapers are representative brands.
It is understood that the reason why the baby diapers are selling well lies in the core advantages of their "two hard and two high", that is, the quality is excellent, the technology is excellent, the cost performance is high, and the safety is high. In terms of materials, baby diapers are based on polymer core and virgin wood pulp. They are designed with a special thin core to prevent red PP. In terms of technology, it uses imitation cloth design to match three-dimensional honeycomb fabrics, and uses humanized design such as super soft base film, double-layer water-repellent cloth, super-dimensional three-dimensional protection, and publicly promises that it does not contain bleaching powder and fluorescent agent, which is not in the industry. More common!
Baby An Paper Diaper is a brand of Wuhan Camellia Women's Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the concept of quality first, and passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Its "star" product baby baby diapers sell well in many large and medium-sized cities in Hubei. In Hunan, Anhui, Henan and other provinces, the major baby supermarket chains are selling at the same time. The channels also extend to the e-commerce fields such as Alibaba and Taobao, and sales have reached a new level in successive years.
“In fact, in terms of quality and safety, the domestic brand diapers represented by baby diapers are no less inferior to any 'foreign brands'!” said an industry insider.
Consumers say that good is really good. The prospect of domestic brand diapers is expected.
The quality of "winning" foreign brands, the price is also the same as "foreign brand" "high on the top"? The answer is no. For example, the “background tough” baby diapers do not “play big cards”, but always adhere to the people-friendly route, so that consumers feel more affordable and cost-effective.
It is understood that the baby's diapers are not only the hotline of the offline supermarkets, but also the sales volume on the online market has continued to soar, winning praise from new and old customers. Its Taobao direct store has maintained 4.9 points.
Ms. Chen, who just bought 8 packs of baby diapers on the Internet, explained the results of the “crazy” snapping: “The baby has been used for 8 months, and 6 kinds of diapers have been used. This is the thinnest and softest absorption capacity of this brand. Strong! It won't be red, it won't leak, and the price is still affordable, so hurry up!"
“The vast market has created a favorable development space. The excellent quality and safety are trustworthy. The price of the people is unmatched by the 'foreign brand'. The development prospect of the domestic baby diapers represented by Baby An is expected.” An industry expert Said.
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