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Bashu diapers: focus on day and night, baby is more comfortable

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Core tips:Diaper machine Recently, the reporter was informed that with the opening of the national second-child policy, more families have joined the ranks of the second child, which has brought great opportunities and challenges to the infant necessities industry, especially the
Recently, the reporter was informed that with the opening of the national second-child policy, more families have joined the ranks of the second child, which has brought great opportunities and challenges to the infant necessities industry, especially the Diaper industry. In the case that diapers have basically been monopolized by foreign brands, the domestic diaper brand has added a general.
Bashu children are positioned to "provide the most comfortable experience for the baby" and adhere to the tenet of "providing high-quality life, making the most comfortable products, helping the baby grow up healthy and happy", and concentrate on making the best and most comfortable product experience for the baby!
During the day, the baby is prone to O-legs and friction to the legs.
During the daytime, the baby grows up, from lying down to climbing, to jumping, to toddler, and the leg activities are relatively large at each stage. In order to prevent the baby from leaking urine, the excessive widening design not only affects the baby's activities. It is more likely to cause the baby's O-legs, and it will also cause friction on the baby's delicate skin. Therefore, for the demand of diapers, mothers are more pursuit of light, breathable and soft.
Sleeping at night, frequent replacement of diapers, absorption, and lack of dryness
The incidence of sleep problems in infants and young children in China is as high as 76%, and the number of infants and toddlers who are 0 to 3 years old is up to 1.78 times/night, which is second only to India in the world. Studies have shown that 70% of growth hormone is secreted during deep sleep in the baby. In infants and young children, sleep is “fragmented” and will affect the physical and mental development of the baby. However, many mothers worry about the baby's nighttime wetness, frequently check whether the baby needs to change the diaper and artificially disturb the baby's sleep, which will directly affect the baby's sleep quality. Studies have shown that more than 80% of babies are interrupted by frequent diaper changes, and the average sleep time lost by the baby due to sleep disruption can reach 1.1 hours per night. The root cause of the mother's frequent flipping of the baby at night to check whether it is wet or not is that the diaper cannot absorb the baby's urine multiple times, and the baby's small buttocks may be exposed to bacteria for a long time in contact with urine. Therefore, the baby's demand for diapers at night is large, long-lasting and dry, which is completely different from the needs of the day.
Respect for nature, respect growth, and make children happy childhood, starting with the Bashu diaper. In 2014, the Bab R&D team set out the concept of day and night diapers from the needs of children, and the diapers entered the 3.0 era. The concept of the use of paper diapers in the Bayu day has attracted the attention of the domestic nursery medical community. He believes that: "The difference between day and night needs in the process of infant growth is a phenomenon that many parents ignore, and it is also easy to miss in the field of baby research. The blind spot or misunderstanding, the Bayu R & D team summed up the multi-party views, and constantly experimented, the Bayu good morning pants, good night pants successfully came out.
Bayu Japanese diapers, designed to be softer and lighter
Bashu Japanese diapers, also known as Good Morning Pants.
It is the nature of the baby. According to the characteristics of the baby's daytime activities, the Bashu is the basic point to help the baby explore more fun. According to the basic principles of baby's physical engineering, it can reduce the friction of the legs during the baby's movement and prevent the baby from being O-type. The leg is the starting point, the double "R" type cutting can effectively prevent the O-leg, and the micro-hole hot air non-woven fabric design is light and thin, allowing the baby to gain knowledge and experience through play and exercise. The thin and diaper diaper makes the baby feel relaxed and happy, comfortable and automatic, keeps a good mood, promotes the baby's physical development, and freely explores the world.
Basil night diaper, massive absorption, continuous dry
Bashu night diaper, also known as good night pants
Sleep has a great effect on the mental development of infants. After the baby is asleep, the blood flow in the brain increases significantly. Therefore, good sleep can also promote the synthesis of brain proteins and the development of infant intelligence. Bashu night trousers are the starting point for helping the baby to follow the golden mental development. According to the baby's sleep characteristics, the scorpion develops a special diaper for the baby at night, one piece can meet the nighttime urinary demand. 1200ML suction, keep the diaper fresh and clean in the long night, let the baby have a strong sense of trust to the mother, open the dream in sweet sleep, enjoy the sweet sleep development time, open the good character, and promote the baby's golden intellectual development.
After 566 days of research and development, the team has dozens of experts and more than 100 sets of programs. After thousands of baby experiences, we finally developed day and night diapers based on the different needs of baby day activities and night sleep. The baby grows up healthily. This not only redefines the habits of diapers, but also creates a new standard for diaper comfort!
After 18 months of polishing, the idea of ​​the Bayu science parenting concept and the success of the Bayu Good Morning Pants and Goodnight Pants have undoubtedly set off a new round of storms in the domestic diaper industry.
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