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Core tips:Others Mechanical Information It is understood that the paper cutter is a traditional product, is used to deal with the post-printing paper cutting requirements.
 Hardware common sense: paper cutting machine working principle

It is understood that the paper cutter is a traditional product, is used to deal with the post-printing paper cutting requirements. From mechanical cutter to tape controlled paper cutter, and development to the microcomputer program, color display, image guided visualization operation processing and computer assisted cutting external programming and editing the production data of cutting system, production preparation time is shorter, higher cutting precision, lower Labour intensity, and safe operation.

How the paper cutter works

The operation of the paper cutter is relatively simple, the requirements for the environment is not high, usually in the general office power supply to ensure power supply can be carried out. General paper cutting machine with automatic switching system, as long as the input of the old paper, paper cutting machine will automatically rotate with the straight cut. There are also some paper cutting machine need to press the start button, paper cutter back to rotation, can continue to cut paper. When the shredding is complete, press the stop/reverse key to stop the cutter from turning.

Before shredding, you should check whether there are paper clips, staples and other hard objects on the documents to be broken. If have, should remove hind put again enter paper mouth, may damage cutter otherwise. In the use of paper cutting machine, should pay attention not to cram too much paper at a time, especially the quality of better paper, more attention should be paid to use, in order to avoid the phenomenon of paper jam into the paper as far as possible not to put askew, narrow contrast of paper as far as possible in the center of the entrance to the paper.

For early products, once the use of paper card fault, should be the back button or stop button, so that the broken can continue to use. Most paper cutting machines have overload power protection device, when the motor overload heat, will automatically stop. At this time should stop using 20-30 minutes, so that the motor cooling. At the same time, it should be considered to reduce the amount of some input paper when using again. Comparison of the machine will also automatically stop, automatic paper back, more convenient to use. When the box of the paper cutter is full, some machines will send out sounds automatically to remind people to remove paper scraps in time.



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