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Beijing Consumers Association: Hu Shubao and blossoming sanitary napkins on the black list

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine Beijing Consumers Association released the results of the comparative test of sanitary napkins. The unqualified products involved many brands such as Rumeng and Jingchun. The “Hua Shu Bao” brand cotton soft silk sanitary napkins produced by Guangzhou Proc
Beijing Consumers Association released the results of the comparative test of Sanitary napkins. The unqualified products involved many brands such as Rumeng and Jingchun. The “Hua Shu Bao” brand cotton soft silk Sanitary napkins produced by Guangzhou Procter & Gamble and the “Duo Duo” brand cotton and super thin sanitary napkins have been tested. The penetration index and the national standard requirements are quite different.
【related information】
How to choose sanitary napkins reasonably and how to use sanitary napkins scientifically?
1, the appearance of distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of sanitary napkins
Sanitary napkins should have the following logo:
Hygiene license number, production date, shelf life or expiration date, standard number of implementation (GB8939-1999, GB15979-2002), producer name and address, etc.
Consumers should choose to label the entire sanitary napkin and try to choose a newly produced sanitary napkin.
The sealing of each outer packaging and independent small packaging should be smooth and free of air leakage; good sanitary napkins should be clean, uniform thickness and sealed. In addition, from the point of view of the hand, a good sanitary napkin is made of a fluff pulp which is highly absorbent and fluffy, so it is light and soft. If the sanitary napkin with other pulp, scraps, etc. is added, it will die again.
2. Give priority to the selection of quality products from large enterprises
Generally speaking, the production environment of large sanitary napkin enterprises is relatively good, the management is strict, and the physical properties and health indicators are strictly monitored. Many of them have passed the quality system certification. The products of these enterprises are generally high-quality products in the national supervision and inspection of product quality, and some even reach superior products several times in succession. The safety of sanitary napkins used in these large enterprises is relatively guaranteed.
3. Scientific use of sanitary napkins
The average female menstrual period can be divided into three stages, and different types of sanitary napkins can be selected according to these three stages. When the amount of menstruation is very large, the wing type should be used during the day and the night safety type should be used in the evening; the standard type can be used at ordinary times; ultra-thin or padding can be used before and after menstruation. This collocation option is for safety and comfort on the one hand and to save menstrual expenses on the other hand.
Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to ensure that a whole pack of sanitary napkins can be used every time. Especially for office workers, they often need to carry one or two pieces with them. once the whole package of sanitary napkins is opened, it is easy to cause pollution, so from a sanitary perspective Look, it is advisable to buy a separately wrapped sanitary napkin. If you want to consider economic factors, you can buy sanitary napkins that do not have separate packaging, but have fewer tablets per pack.
4, choose sanitary napkins to pay attention to their own feelings
There are many types of sanitary napkins, such as cotton, mesh and scented and sanitary napkins. They all have their own characteristics. Generally speaking, the sanitary napkins have a fast absorption speed, the mesh surface has good anti-leakage performance, and the appropriate medical sanitary napkins have health care functions. However, because each person's physical quality is different, the feeling of the sanitary napkin will be different. If some people think that the mesh surface is dry, some people will feel that the mesh surface is not comfortable with the skin, and some people still have a sanitary napkin. Will produce allergies and so on. So choose the type that suits you best based on the actual feelings you use.
5, careful sanitary napkins made of foreign garbage
According to relevant parties, with the expansion of the domestic sanitary napkin market, some small domestic enterprises have illegally imported waste scraps from foreign manufacturers in order to reduce costs, and used the fluff pulp obtained from discarded Diapers, diapers and sanitary napkins to produce hygiene. Towels are put on the market, and health indicators are difficult to guarantee. The so-called "sanitary napkins" are sold at an average price 50% lower than regular manufacturers. Therefore, consumers are required to open their eyes and avoid being cheap. Try to buy brands with good market reputation in big shopping malls and supermarkets. Don't buy them at the roadside stores.
6. Preventing “recontamination” is crucial
Because people have a lot of bacteria on their hands, when opening the sanitary napkin, try not to touch the surface of the sanitary napkin with your hands to avoid secondary pollution. It is best to wash your hands before use. When using women's sanitary napkins, they should be replaced in time. Especially in the case of more menstrual discharge, if not replaced in time, a large amount of menstrual blood can become a medium for microorganisms, and microorganisms will rapidly and massively multiply.
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