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Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau: Baby diapers are not qualified for sampling.

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Core tips:Diaper machine According to the website of Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, in order to protect the physical and mental health of children and children and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, the Beijing Municipal Administration of
In the circulation field, children's toys, toothbrushes, Baby diapers, quality inspection, unqualified list.
According to the website of Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, in order to protect the physical and mental health of children and children and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce organized the children's clothing, children's shoes, children's toys and children's toothbrushes in the circulation area of ​​this city. Spot check of 6 kinds of children's products for student supplies and baby Diapers. The results showed that the quality of the student supplies in this sampling was good, and no unqualified products were found in the sampling. Children's clothing and children's shoes did not find safety performance indicators unqualified. The main unqualified problems were that the performance indicators such as color fastness, fiber content and marking did not meet the standards. The quality of children's toys, children's toothbrushes and baby diapers is also good overall. Among them, the Western Sichuan Crystal Baby Negative Ion Toothbrush, Toy Brake and Aideli Women's and Children's Dual-use Towels failed.
According to the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau has ordered the unqualified commodity operators to stop selling unqualified commodities, and filed all the cases and implemented administrative penalties. At the same time, the unqualified commodity inspection report was reported. The law enforcement department at the location where the nominal production enterprise is transferred shall be required to strengthen the law enforcement departments at the place where the production enterprise is located and strengthen the source management. Consumers requesting a return should meet their requirements. If the operator deliberately delays or unreasonably refuses, the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau will impose penalties in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce's "Penalty Measures for Infringement of Consumer Rights and Interests."
Description of unqualified products
children's clothing. The children's clothing of this sampling inspection is tested according to relevant national standards. The testing items mainly include various indicators such as marking, fiber content, dyeing fastness, PH value, formaldehyde, banned azo dye, odor, etc. There are 65 kinds of unqualified products produced by many companies such as Di Clothing Co., Ltd., and the main unqualified problems are that the color fastness, fiber content and logo do not meet the standard or express instructions.
Children's shoes. The children's footwear products of this sampling are mainly tested according to QB/T 2880 "Children's Leather Shoes", QB/T 4331 "Children's Travel Shoes" and related standards. The testing items mainly include identification, sensory (appearance) quality, peel strength, outsole wear resistance, folding resistance of the shoes, outsole hardness, lining and inner pad rubbing color fastness, odor, free or partially hydrolyzed formaldehyde content. , Cr(VI)-hexavalent chromium in leather, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dye content, heavy metals and other items. The company found 16 kinds of unqualified products produced by many manufacturers such as Yangzhou Youka Children's Products Co., Ltd., and the main unqualified problems were identification, sensory quality, folding resistance and wear resistance.
Student supplies. The student supplies of this sampling involve altered products (correction liquid, belt, pen), hand scissors, this book and adhesive (glue stick, liquid glue), drawing ruler, pencil case, color mud, crayons, oil pastels, pencil case 11 categories such as student book bags. Mainly in accordance with GB 21027 "General Requirements for the Safety of Student Supplies" and related standards for testing. No unqualified goods were found in this sampling.
kids toys. This sampling of children's toys involves all 6 categories of CCC certified toy products. Mainly in accordance with GB 6675 "National Toy Safety Technical Specifications" (including GB 5296.5-2006 "Consumer Products Instructions for Use Part 5: Toys") and GB 19865 "Safety of Electric Toys" and related standards for testing. The inspection project involved mechanical and physical properties, combustion performance, migration of specific elements, electrical safety performance, identification and instructions for use. The test found that the nominal “Shenzhen Shunjia Toys Co., Ltd.” 1 group of toys failed, the main problem is that the small parts project does not meet the relevant standards.
Baby diapers. The baby diapers of this sampling are mainly based on GB/T 28004-2011 "Paper diapers (sheets, pads)" and GB 15979-2002 "Sanitary standards for disposable sanitary products". The inspection items include deviations, strip quality and slippage of baby diapers. Amount, amount of rewet, amount of leakage, pH, product sales mark, total number of bacterial colonies, coliform, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, total number of fungal colonies, etc. The test found that the nominal "Aideli (Guangzhou) Baby Products Co., Ltd." 1 group of product identification items failed.
Children's toothbrush. The children's toothbrushes of this sampling are mainly tested according to relevant standards such as GB 30002-2013 "Children's Toothbrush". The inspection items include hygiene requirements, safety requirements, specifications, tuft strength, physical properties, sanding, appearance quality, trim and other indicators. The inspection found that one of the unqualified products imported from Japan, "Western China Commercial Co., Ltd.", "Beijing Renhe Xingyi Trading Co., Ltd." was imported, and the main unqualified problem was the sanding project.
Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce reminds consumers:
children's clothing. When consumers choose clothing, in addition to paying attention to the brand, style, color and other elements of the product, you need to pay attention to the following issues: First, look at the appearance, check the label. See if you have a complete logo, check if the product is working well, and try to check if the garment is suitable and comfortable. The second is to feel the touch and smell. You can smell the clothes for a pungent smell, especially if you fold the packaged product. If there is a pungent odor, be vigilant. The product may have quality problems such as excessive formaldehyde and odor.
Children's shoes. First of all, when buying shoes, you should pay attention to the shoe size and shoe type, not only the size of the shoe size, but also the shoe type related to the fatness of the foot. Secondly, when purchasing leather shoes, look at the same pair of shoes and check whether the material, color, pattern, thickness of the upper and the size of each part are the same. Then press the leather shoe mouth part by hand to check whether the bonding part of the upper is tidy and tight, and whether there is any lack of glue or glue opening. In addition, as long as the goods are purchased for a period of time, try to keep all the vouchers about the goods, including the purchase of bills, tags or instructions, which can be used not only to guide product maintenance, but also as an important basis for arbitration in the event of quality disputes. .
Student supplies. Consumers should pay attention to whether the manufacturer's name, address and instructions for use when purchasing student supplies, and whether the product has an implementation standard number, so that the problem can be traced back to the manufacturer. Check that the packaging is complete and that the product is intact and not damaged. Don't buy a special white book when you buy the job, because the whiter book may add a lot of fluorescent agent. The paper with too much whiteness will cause harm to the students' vision and damage the eyesight. When buying this book, please pay attention to look at whether the printing inside is clear, whether there are inverted pages, missing pages, broken pages, dirty pages, uniform uneven binding, and neat cutting edges.
kids toys. When purchasing toys, parents should combine the age characteristics of children and choose safe and applicable products for them, so as to achieve the purpose of developing children's intelligence, cultivating interests and creativity. Children's ability to predict danger is low, and if the toy is chosen or used improperly, it will cause harm to them. According to the requirements of GB5296.5 "Consumer Product Instructions Part 5: Toys", the toy must be marked with the product name, model number, standard number, applicable age, manufacturer or dealer's name and address, indicating safety warning, use method, maintenance Description and other related information. When buying a toy, you should first read the identification information carefully. This will help you choose a toy that is suitable for the child's age and keep abreast of the safe use of the toy to avoid possible harm. The purchase of toys must adhere to the "safety first" principle, to avoid being confused by the toy color function and mistakenly purchase toys. For plastic toys, doll toys, electric toys, catapult toys, metal toys and baby carriages, you should also pay attention to whether the "CCC" logo is attached to the package.
Baby diapers. The overall quality of baby diapers is good. Physical and chemical indicators and performance indicators are difficult to find unqualified products. However, the effect of using diapers is closely related to the size of diapers and weight. Whether the specifications and models on the product are detailed and correct directly affect the use effect.
Children's toothbrush. Purchase a suitable toothbrush according to the person you are using. Toothbrushes sold on the market are generally divided into adult, children, and toddler toothbrushes. These are generally indicated on the toothbrush packaging. Please pay attention to the purchase when purchasing, and purchase according to personal use characteristics. Each toothbrush should be packaged, and the inside and outside of the package should be clean and tidy, free from dirt. All parts of the toothbrush should be clean, free from dirt and odor. The head of the toothbrush should be smooth, without sharp edges and burrs. The bristles should be sanded. The so-called sanding refers to the bristles of the toothbrush after the brushing process. The bristles are arc-shaped and cannot have burrs and sharp angles.

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