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Besuper E trousers that are not afraid of the baby's movement

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Core tips:Diaper machine Besuper E trousers has a simple and neat appearance to let the baby wear a sense of generosity, but also let the baby enjoy free activities. Not only haven't any sense of restraint, but also not easy to displace.
       Besuper L code E trousers is specially made for baby from September to December. Considering the sensitive action ability of this stage baby, this E Diaper made by baby Diaper machine is designed with the shape of small underwear, which is generous and comfortable. Today to find out more about, I believe you will love it.
       baby diaper production line
       Easy to pull, good to wear off
       baby diaper
       First of all, the most outstanding highlight of Besuper L code E trousers is the easy-to-wear performance. The elastic waist makes the baby comfortable and fits the baby's body, which facilitates the baby to move flexibly. The side line of the trousers can be easily torn open, making the E trousers easy to replace.
       Fast absorption and large capacity
       fast absorption of baby diaper
       In order to facilitate the observation of the absorption effect of Besuper E diaper, I tested it with ink, and half a cup of ink was immersed in the diaper. The ink was being absorbed quickly. This is not only due to the use of a non-woven fabric with a flow-through of Besuper E trousers, but also due to its large-capacity comb-coated multilayer absorbent core.
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       It can not only make the diapers produced by disposable Baby diaper production line absorb the liquid instantaneously, but also disperse the liquid evenly. At the same time, the good water-locking performance of the core body can also make the baby's small butt that is just finished with urine still dry. There is no back osmosis when pressed by fingers, which is both hygienic and prevents diaper rash.
       Stereo side wall effectively leakproof
       baby training pants production line
       In order to prevent the problem of side exposure, this E trousers adopts a three-dimensional side wall inside and outside, which can effectively block the side leakage of urine, so that the mother does not have to worry about the baby being unhygienic because of the good movement. The material is soft and smooth, and intimately contact with the baby's delicate leg roots will not damage the baby's skin, giving the baby a comfortable wearing.
       Waterproof and breathable base film
       baby pull up diaper making machine
       The base film of Besuper E trousers is made of polymer material. It not only has good breathability, but also keeps the baby's small buttocks dry and not sultry. It also has the characteristics of quick-drying, allowing the urine to evaporate quickly. The baby is wet and breathable.
       baby diaper manufacturing machine detail
       Besuper E trousers has a simple and neat appearance to let the baby wear a sense of generosity, but also let the baby enjoy free activities. Not only haven't any sense of restraint, but also not easy to displace. The superabsorbency of 500ml is both practical and fast, and prevents urine from osmosis, allowing the baby's butt to last for a long time.
       Made of 100% combed cotton material, the fabric is soft and non-irritating. It is not easy to be bacteria and sweat-absorbent. The tasteless printing design creates a full and fashionable fashion, fresh and lovely. The three-layer composite fabric design ensures the smoothness of the insulation pad and also makes the baby comfortable and clean.
       structure of baby diaper          baby disposable diaper structure
       The cotton fabric is soft, so that the diaper pad packed by baby diapers packing machine can ensure close contact with the baby's skin without irritation. The soft fabric gently protects the baby's delicate skin. The three-layer design has excellent absorption effect and avoids soiling. Sheets allow your baby to enjoy a dry skin feel.
       The texture on the climbing mat is composed of numbers and letters, which not only ensures the anti-slip effect of the mat, but also enhances the recognition ability of the baby when playing on it, and plays the role of enlightenment puzzle. Foldable design, easy to store, non-toxic and odor-free XPE material is more environmentally friendly, but also cool and shock-absorbing, so that baby safety has more assurance.


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