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Changing your baby's diaper is not a big deal! Mothers need to keep in mind the following point

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Core tips:Diaper machine Diapers are personal items that have been used since the baby was born. The choice of diapers is also the most entangled problem for many moms and dads. The major brands in the mall are piled up like mountains. How do you choose to make your baby more com
Diapers are personal items that have been used since the baby was born. The choice of diapers is also the most entangled problem for many moms and dads. The major brands in the mall are piled up like mountains. How do you choose to make your baby more comfortable and healthy? But besides the choice of diapers, do we really want mothers to change diapers correctly for their babies?
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Some common problems with Baby diapers
Changing the diaper for your baby is not as simple as taking the old film. It's as simple as replacing it with a new one! It's easiest for new parents to ignore these key steps:
1. When to change the diaper for your baby;
2. After removing the old piece, clean the butt and dry it with a diaper cream;
3. When replacing a new diaper, pay attention to the size and tightness of the diaper.
Next, Xiao Bian will “find the squad” of the new mom’s diaper skills one by one, and take out the three mistakes most often made by the novice parents. See if you are wrong?
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The first mistake, the diaper does not change for a long time.
According to incomplete statistics, newborn babies use seven or eight diapers every day because newborn babies have more pee or poop. After the baby is peeing, the moisture in the diaper is heavy and the temperature is high. When it is rubbed for a long time, red buttocks or long scorpion eczema will appear. Therefore, diapers should be changed frequently.
Of course, the diligent change does not mean that the baby has to change one for each pee, which is a lot of overhead. How often does the diaper change? This depends on the number and amount of peeing. Most of the diapers now have a wet and wet display design, which can clearly know the amount of urine. It is very convenient to judge; if the diaper has no urine design, it should be checked every 2-3 hours to see if it needs to be replaced. If the baby pulls the stool, it must be changed.
The second mistake is not clean after the urine, after the small butt
The substances in urine and feces are very irritating, and the residue is extremely harmful to the baby's delicate skin. It is easy to cause allergies. It is manifested as redness of the buttocks, erythema or eczema, which is what we often call diaper rash. / red buttocks. Therefore, after removing the diaper, wash your baby's butt with warm water and dry it with a dry towel.
Do you need to use shower gel or other cleaning liquid to clean the butt? Under normal circumstances, use water. If the baby is dirty after the stool, it is not easy to wash. You can use a small amount of baby shower gel to clean, but in the end, you must wash it with water. net.
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The third mistake, never wipe the diaper cream
The diaper cream is the skin care product of the baby's buttocks. It is also considered as a half-medicine product. It is like a protective film on the small butt, which has the effect of isolating the urine. It also has moisturizing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. .
The role of diaper cream is very important. Every time you change your diaper, you should apply it after cleaning your butt.
Tips: The diaper cream only serves as a protective effect and does not treat or improve the red butt. once the little butt is showing signs of redness, don't apply anything. Consult your doctor first to avoid injury.
☞ Newborn diapers should be replaced at any time to ensure cleanliness, which requires the baby's parents to master certain diaper changes and some considerations.
Precautions when changing diapers
During the replacement process, in addition to following the steps, parents should also pay attention to the following things, so that not only can the baby be safely replaced with a diaper, but often can do more with less.
1. Be fully prepared: Prepare clean diapers, diaper buckets, skin care wipes, diaper cream, etc. before changing diapers, in case of replacement of diapers.
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2, there is a fixed replacement plane: put the baby on the floor, bed or small table, making it feel comfortable and safe. It is important to keep your baby's body protected from falling at all times. If you choose a desktop, it is best to ensure that the height of the table is the same as the height of your waist.
3, do a good job of baby safety: Please ensure that the whole process of changing diapers, your hands always caress the baby, in case the baby rolls off the bed or desktop during the process of changing diapers, causing unnecessary damage.
4, the use of baby skin care wipes: the first few months, the baby's delicate skin is sensitive to the diaper cream and body lotion ingredients in disposable diapers, so at this stage can be clean, soft, warm The diaper is the best choice.
5, thorough cleaning: open the diaper, gently wipe the baby's genitals and buttocks with a soft cotton swab or skin care wipes. Due to the special physiological characteristics of the girl, when scrubbing the genitals, the correct method should be from front to back to reduce the chance of dirt entering the vagina. The boy ensures that all wrinkles are cleaned. In addition, special care should be taken when cleaning the foreskin. At the same time, in order to avoid urinating the baby during the process of changing the diaper, the baby's penis can be temporarily wrapped with a soft tissue, and the paper towel can be removed after replacement.
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6, prevent diaper rash: If your baby has a diaper rash, you can use a diaper cream to build a protective film on the baby's buttocks to prevent further infection and allergies. 
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