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Core tips:Diaper machine Practical Comments: Curious ultra-thin diapers, it is breathable, absorbs a large amount, a thin piece can make the baby feel super easy and dry; also added aloe vera - Vaseline moisturizing surface, effectively protect the baby's skin, let small pp
Baby diapers top ten brands 2011 latest rankings Diapers bring a convenient life to parents, but there are still many places to pay attention to in choosing diapers. For example, brand functions, etc., let's take a look at the top ten brands of baby diapers in 2011.
Baby diapers top ten brands 2011 latest ranking
First, "curious" diapers
Practical Comments: Curious ultra-thin diapers, it is breathable, absorbs a large amount, a thin piece can make the baby feel super easy and dry; also added aloe vera - Vaseline moisturizing surface, effectively protect the baby's skin, let small pp from pee And stench of odor. In particular, it has an elastic buckle that can be repeatedly adjusted and has a smooth surface, which can give the baby an optimal size and does not scratch the baby's skin.
Second, "Pampers" diapers
Practical Comments: Pampers dry diapers: special triple lock wet layer, so that the baby will remain dry even after 5 times wet. The inner erect leak-proof rim prevents the urine from leaking out and has aloe-like skin layer, which brings comprehensive care to the baby's skin. The adhesive layer of Aloe Vera skin layer that can be repeatedly applied helps protect your baby from irritants in the stool and urine. The breathable elastic band stretches freely, allowing the skin to breathe freely. The leg cut height design covers less than 20% of the skin, allowing more skin to come into contact with cool fresh air and a soft cotton-like outer layer.
Third, "Mummy Baby" diaper
Practical Comments: Mommy Baby has a unique design to prevent pollution of baby umbilical gauze. A stretchable fitted waistband, a front reinforced absorbent body, and a whimsical Disney cartoon on the diaper. This brand of baby equipment is also divided into male and female baby clothes, very good, the price is in the middle.
Fourth, "Phoebe" diapers
Practical Comments: Phoebe diaper imitation cloth breathable surface design, the plastic outer layer is changed to imitation cloth breathable material to enhance the effect of ventilation and heat dissipation. It can quickly remove moisture and heat, increase the dryness of your baby's buttocks, make it more comfortable, and help prevent diaper rash. At the same time, there is a wet display to remind the mother to change the diaper. With moisture absorption and dryness, Phoebe has a strong suction layer and a strong water-proof pad to allow moisture to penetrate the bottom layer of the diaper and keep the delicate skin dry. Reducing the delicate skin of the baby is impregnated with a large amount of irritant and bacterial excretion, keeping the skin soft and healthy, reducing the chance of diaper dermatitis.
Five, "Kao" diapers
Practical Comments: Kao uses the plant witch hazel to develop a new type of "urinary wet", which can effectively inhibit the occurrence of rash in infants. The extract of the natural plant witch hazel is originally a cosmetic raw material. Clinical trial results have shown that it has significant anti-inflammatory effects. The company applied this substance to "urine dampness" to make the "diaper" surface anti-inflammatory, thus alleviating the symptoms of skin rash in infants.
Six, "good boy" diapers
Practical Comments: Good children's diapers have a unique weak acid core, close to the baby's skin pH, reduce irritation, prevent diaper rash, reduce odor. Surface non-woven fabric, absorbent core fluff pulp polymer absorber, leak-proof outer layer breathable pe film + non-woven fabric, tape magic buckle tape, give the baby more considerate.
Seven, "An Erle" diaper
Practical Comments: An Erle diaper: soft non-woven surface layer is breathable, can quickly and better heat out the heat and moisture, so that the baby's small butt can be really dry and breathable, comfortable; and its high use Molecular absorber and fluff pulp absorption structure, with super absorption and water absorption, can effectively reduce the frequency of replacement, to reduce the disturbance to your baby's sleep! “Dry and breathable” adds a wet and dry display function, the baby is wet, and the animal pattern on the diaper is melted. Mother only needs to look at the pattern to know if the baby should change the diaper.
Eight,  diapers
Practical Comments: Yule is imported from Hong Kong and its origin is Taiwan. Extra large version of soft waist: super soft design, more fit, no movement, better leakage prevention. Urine wet fading: Unique two-color fading, purple pattern disappears, reminding to change diapers at the right time. Keep your baby's skin dry. Breathable surface layer, can continue to dissipate heat, reduce sultry heat, make your baby's ass more comfortable. Blue adl ultra-fast conductive layer: can quickly spread urine, no osmosis, no deformation, make your baby's skin more dry.
Nine, "Chinch" diapers
Practical Comments: Bird's Super Instant Suction Diaper, specially designed 360 degree instant suction layer overall forming, cotton core mat is even and soft, cut fit, absorb quickly, tailored for the active baby, follow the baby movement, accompanied by the most meticulous Gentle care, let your baby play happier during the day and sleep more fragrant at night.
Ten, "Dawang" diapers
Practical Comments: Dawang diapers are all cotton soft outer layer, the new double is soft and more breathable. Even the waist tape area is made of breathable cotton soft material, and the baby can breathe every inch of skin. Ass is not sulking, the overall full color pattern design, just like the baby's cute pants. Rich patterns provide more inspiring visual stimuli for your baby. All-round water absorption, can be worn before and after, double-layer super-absorption, more urine is not afraid. Instantly absorbs ultra-thin layer, absorbs more quickly, the surface is dry and does not ooze back, and it is easy to tear the arc velcro. It is easy to tear and stick, and the arc shape will not scratch the baby's delicate skin.
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