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Controller makes cup-forming machine stand out

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Core tips:Disposable tableware machine The 2500S forms preprinted and die-cut or roll-fed sidewall material into a two-piece container with a vertical side seam, recessed bottoms, and optional top-edge finishes of straight-edge, rolled-rim, flat-rimmed, or inward fold.
       Soon to be officially introduced at PACK EXPO International, the PMC 2500S features a PLC that permits unprecedented forming capabilities and rapid forming-tool changeover.A leading producer of equipment used to make paper or plastic cups and containers, Paper Machinery Corporation is now introducing the PMC 2500S, a servo-driven machine that has advanced forming capabilities and offers forming-tool changeover in less than a shift.
       Paper cups are divided into cold drink cups made by
double PE film coated paper cup machine, hot drink cups manufactured by single PE coated paper cup forming machine and yogurt cups.Cold drink cup, as the name implies, it is paper cups of cold drinks, ice cream has a characteristic which needs to be frozen or refrigerated, safe use of 0 ℃ to 5 ℃ temperature.It is decided that the whole cup can be waterproof.Therefore, the shape of the cold drink cup is food grade wood pulp paper + PE film on the inner and outer surface.This effectively prevents pulp paper from contacting moisture and losing the stiffness and toughness it should have.
       double PE coated paper cup machine
       The IndraControl XM Series PLC from Rexroth is at the heart of the 2500S. “This device is the workhorse of our application, handling all logic and motion control functions, as well as data communication to other devices,” says Jeremiah Moll, PMC’s Systems Engineering Manager. “The servo drives and motors are also from Rexroth, providing us with a completely integrated solution. The decision to use these devices came after an extensive evaluation of our application. The Rexroth solution outperformed the others in regard to motion control. And with motion control being the central design theme of the project, the decision to move to a complete Rexroth solution was an easy one.”The 2500S, which represents an integration of technological capabilities of the PMC 2000S—and the now-discontinued PMC 1250—optimizes the servo platform and quick-tool change of the 2000S. The 2500S produces tapered cups and containers at speeds to 170/min, forming paper or polypropylene containers ranging from 4 to 46 oz, depending upon configuration.
        paper cup making machine
       Containers made by disposable paper cup making machine can be produced in straight-wall, nested, round, or non-round versions. The 2500S forms preprinted and die-cut or roll-fed sidewall material into a two-piece container with a vertical side seam, recessed bottoms, and optional top-edge finishes of straight-edge, rolled-rim, flat-rimmed, or inward fold.“PMC is the first and only manufacturer of servo-driven cup and container forming equipment,”says Michael Hansen, VP Packaging. Moll adds, “The implementation of servo technology allows us to be more dynamic in our machine builds, and it differentiates us from the competition. We can accommodate a wider range of customer needs using the same machine platform.”
       paper cup forming machine
       PMC will officially unveil the 2500S at PACK EXPO International October 14-17 in Chicago. The first company to receive the machine is cup maker Visstun. Visstun is known for its cup imprinting methods and high-definition convolute cups, particularly for promotional applications, where it can print corporate images on flat PP sheets and then form them into cups on custom-engineered equipment.
       Polyethylene(PE) is a petroleum-based coating on paper cups that can slow down the process of biodegrading of the paper it coats.All paper cups can only be recycled at a specialised treatment facility regardless of the lining.
       paper cup          disposable paper cup
       Most paper cups are designed for a single use and then disposal. Very little recycled paper is used to make paper cups because of contamination concerns and regulations. Since most paper cups produced by paper cup forming machine are coated with plastic(polyethylene), then both composting and recycling of paper cups is uncommon because of the difficulty in separating the polyethylene in the recycling process of said cups. As of 2016, there are only two facilities in the UK able to properly recycle PE-coated cups; in the absence of such facilities, the cups are taken to landfill or incinerated.

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