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Costa trials reCUP paper cup in bid to boost recycling

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Core tips:Disposable tableware machine Costa Coffee is evaluating Smart Planet Technologies'reCUP paper cup to use in its stores.
       If successful the cups could help improve acceptability of paper cups made by single PE coated paper cup machine for out-of-store collection and recycling.
       Now, Costa Coffee is addressing challenges in out-of-store recycling by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the reCUP to improve the process-ability and acceptance of paper cups produced by double PE coated paper cup machine in standard recycling facilities across the UK, while maintaining the performance standards of Costa Coffee's takeaway paper cup manufactured by disposable paper cup forming machine.
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       The evaluation will also validate the acceptance of reCUP paper cup technology under UK and EU regulations for paperboard packaging.
       Will Lorenzi, president of Smart Planet Technologies, said a switch by Costa to the reCUP would serve as a ‘proven option’ for the rest of the foodservice packaging industry in the UK to consider, instead of paper cups made by PE film coated paper cup forming machine that are unacceptable to the standard recycling facilities.
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       “The reCUP has the potential to address the entire issue in a cost-effective manner, and provide the recycling industry with a new source of feedstock for recycled paper packaging.” He added the cup could prove to be a cost-effective transition, that is manufactured on standard paper cup forming equipment at full line speeds.
       Traditionally, paper cups produced by PE film coated disposable paper cup making machine have been coated on the interior with polyethylene or other plastics, to form the cup and hold liquid contents, but which has made paper cups difficult to recycle in standard paper recycling processes. This is the main reason for the low recycling rates when it comes to paper cups.
       PE film coated paper cup machine
       Paper cup forming machine is a kind of paper container which is made by processing and bonding raw paper made of chemical wood pulp (white paperboard), and the appearance is shaped like a goblet.The machine adopts multi-station operation, automatic paper feeding, sealing, oil filling, stamping bottom, automatic constant temperature heating, knurling, rolling, convex rolling, unloading,etc.

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