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Embossing Rewinding and Perforating Toilet Paper Machine

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Toilet tissue machine Embossing Rewinding and Perforating Toilet Paper MachineToilet Roll Production Line is a new generation toilet roll conv
Embossing Rewinding and Perforating Toilet Paper Machine
Toilet Roll Production Line is a new generation toilet roll converting machine, which integrates photoelectric and pneumatic controlling. It adopts PLC, Frequency speed controlling, and electric cabinet that using man-machine interface operating. It also has the features of easy operation and easy adjusting.Relevant positions equip with photoelectric switch to inspect machine running (e.g. paper breakages, non-core running or others). It has automatic stop function. Rewinder equips with automatic tension controlling for adjusting tension automatically. Independent motor controlling and automatic loading device lowers the labor cost and increases working efficiency. It is the first choice among toilet roll processing machines.
Toilet Paper Machine Main features:
(1) Pioneer rewinding technique within China, adopting photoelectric controlling to make the paper roll tightly first and then loosely and different elasticity in different parts, avoiding disengage between the tissue and the core after long time storage.
(2) Fully automatic core-replacing device. No human needed to replace the cores. Automatically push the finished product after rewinding, and process next rewinding.
(3) Photoelectric sensor tracks the machine running, insuring production quality during high-speed running.
(4) Equipped with the embossing device that makes the tissue softer according to the customer's requirement. Lower the product weight and production cost.
(5) Automatically finish trimming, gluing and sealing at one time. Replace the traditional line trimming achieving the popular trimming and tail gluing technique abroad. Left 5mm-18mm ending of the product for convenience.
(6) Adopting frequency speed controlling and PLC.
Process chart illustration:
(1) Automatically rewind into tissue rolls(trimming and tail gluing)
(2) Automatically convey to accumulator
(3) Load to automatic log saw according to the principle of "frist-in frist-out"
(4) Automatically slit into specified size
(5) Automatically convey and pack


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