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Entrepreneur Warm Men: How do we sell sanitary napkins to men?

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine Born in 1988, Tiancheng (the founder of Light Life), with a team of "89 Legion" (most of the team members were born in 1989), tried to squeeze out a place in the already competitive brand of sanitary napkins. Those who have no experience in the
Man selling Sanitary napkins to men
Born in 1988, Tiancheng (the founder of Light Life), with a team of "89 Legion" (most of the team members were born in 1989), tried to squeeze out a place in the already competitive brand of Sanitary napkins. Those who have no experience in the sanitary napkin industry are constantly experiencing the "baptism" of the truth of this industry and are increasingly striving for this "big coward".
In November 2013, Tiancheng resigned from the high-paying job in Shaanxi to come to Shenzhen for the sixth month. He took the colleague Zhang Zhixuan who had only worked for five months to leave the company and started his business. At that time, there was no clear direction. only one wanted to be a brand. Planning. Inspired by his girlfriend and squatting, the two men played the "intention" of the sanitary napkin.
In the face of the almost saturated sanitary napkin market, light life can only be surprisingly successful. Their choice is: to be a men's market. Behind this ridiculous positioning, they have their own "small ninety-nine".
First of all, men sell sanitary napkins to men, have topics, are controversial, and can quickly attract attention; secondly, for most boys, they will not buy sanitary napkins in this life. But for girls, the delivery of sanitary napkins by boys is a particularly warm and meticulous move. This approach makes light life easier for users to accept and use. More importantly, there is not yet an Internet sanitary napkin brand that really stands out.
These make them believe that making sanitary napkins is promising. The only problem is that neither of them understands sanitary napkins.
Factory "Enlightenment"
But they are still starting. Tiancheng introduced to the billion state power network. At the beginning of the preparation, they spent several months conducting market research, visiting various sanitary napkin manufacturers, small workshops for several people, and first-line brand factories of thousands of people.
The deeper the understanding, the more the "truth" of the industry is discovered: the price of the product is higher than the cost, and this part of the difference is mainly used in various celebrity endorsements, provincial and municipal agents and commercial super-distribution goods, leading to the final The profit is actually not high. In order to maintain profits, manufacturers have to constantly control costs and affect product quality.
What's more interesting is that all kinds of fake and shoddy products are hard to prevent. During the visit to the factory, they found that brands such as “six degrees of space” and “octave space” are not uncommon. Due to the current situation of information asymmetry, most of these products have flowed to third- and fourth-tier cities or rural areas.
In first- and second-tier cities, the market share of domestic sanitary napkins is declining. The ever-present quality scandals have consumed consumers' trust in domestic sanitary napkins, and some foreign sanitary napkin brands have begun to erode the market in China. "The music of Japan and the facelle of Germany are very popular." The insider of the imported mother and baby platform Xiaocao bear revealed to Yibang Power Network.
The results of Tiancheng and Zhang Zhixuan's investigation are: Although overseas brands are more assured in quality, their factories are actually in China. This means that it is not China that does not have the ability to produce good products, but too few brands that spend energy to control quality.
So the two began a long journey to find a factory.
"It is a painful process to find a quality factory. We don't have the right to speak and have no financial strength in the big factory. The small factory can't meet our requirements in terms of process and quality standards." Zhang Zhiyu told Yibang Power Network. He said that large sanitary napkin factories usually start with 1 million pieces, while the first order of light life is only 200,000 pieces. Many factories are reluctant to cooperate.
Fortunately, after identifying a large number of factories, the two selected a Taiwan-funded enterprise in Zhuhai. This factory mainly produces sanitary napkins from Korea, Taiwan and Europe, which are guaranteed in quality. More importantly, they agree with the attitude of light life to make products and are willing to cooperate with them.
Make the sanitary napkin no longer private
After finalizing the cooperation vendors, product iterations, sales channel layout, team formation, marketing, and investment search are all coming together. According to Zhang Zhixuan, before the official launch in July 2014, its products have experienced 7 iterations. From fabric selection to surface design, to what kind of glue to use, light life is constantly trial and error.
“Normally sanitary napkins have mesh and cotton surface. The mesh surface is dry, but it is easy to cause skin friction and allergies; the cotton surface is relatively comfortable, but it is stuffy and easy to reverse osmosis; we finally use the composite imprint technology to make the product Comfortable and dry."
“Most of the sanitary napkins are made of industrial glue, and we choose food glue. Of course, the cost is three to four times higher.”
Speaking of the design details of the light sanitary napkins, Zhang Zhizhen is endless and unscrupulous. This is also a goal for him and Tiancheng to create a light life: to make the sanitary napkin "no longer embarrassing" - girls do not have to hide and squat, do not have to be shy, even can be high-profile in the circle of friends.
In order to do this, light life is designed to be very different from traditional sanitary napkins. The packaging of traditional products has almost all the structural drawings of the sanitary napkins, and it is accompanied by the words “instant suction”, “soft”, “night”, “ultra-thin” and “not leaking”. It seems to be a high-profile reminder: men Don't be near.
Light life is designed to stay away from these exaggerated instructions and drawings. Green, plain packaging cartons, without any words and pictures that can be reminiscent of sanitary napkins, will not be any flaws even on the table.
The most important thing is to encourage men to buy sanitary napkins. The light life has to work hard on the details, such as adding couple photos and messages on the box to give the product more emotional color. However, this small detail, for entrepreneurs, also requires a lot of cost - light life must arrange someone to match the photo and the corresponding order, so as not to be misplaced.
Do not abandon female users
Although Tiancheng and Zhang Zhizhen firmly believe that sanitary napkins can be sold to men, but for long-term, normal development, women are still an indispensable user group. At present, the light life is outside the gift box, and the personal equipment has been launched, and the price is more close to the people than the gift box.
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