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Expose true face of paper containers: from manufacturing to environmental protection, indispensable

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Core tips:Disposable tableware machine The paper container is made of food paper, disposable paper cup is finished by printing, cutting, molding, etc. There is a paper container with a thin film of plastic (PE or PE mixed PP) or renewable material (PLA).

Fast food is popular among the audience, but most people have not noticed that fast food can be provided to customers in paper cups, cartons and other "paper containers" in a fast, convenient and clean way. Many people are still quite strange to the production of paper containers. The paper container is basically made of food paper as raw material, and is formed by printing and cutting. The production line of paper cup requires a step of laminating to achieve the waterproof and oil proof effect.There are two paper cup machine in our industry:single PE coated paper cup machine and ultrasonic double PE coated paper cup machine.By understanding the production process of paper cups, we will learn more about the safety of paper containers and how to use paper containers correctly and be more friendly to the earth.

single PE coated paper cup machine          double PE coated paper cup machine
       Start with a large paper roll and make a small paper cup

       First of all, the paper for making paper containers must be food grade paper. In Taiwan, most of the food paper is imported from Europe and the United States, which is the best grade in paper. Then, the coating process must be carried out on the paper surface to coat the oil-resistant material in order to carry out the subsequent molding step.


Steps to make the paper cup strong and beautiful: lamination and printing

       Wang Yuzi said that the coating is a very thin plastic material attached to the paper, so that the paper cup can be resistant to oil and water, and can hold beverages and soup food for a long time. The selection of this coating material is also related to the characteristics of the subsequent paper cup. After the lamination process, the desired pattern and color are printed on the paper roll. HI-CREATE has the similar machine:paper cup printing machine and paper cup mold cutting machine.

Forming only in an instant! Birth of paper cup

       The printed paper enters the die and punches the fan-shaped paper, which is the unfolded shape of the wall of the paper cup. The pieces of the fan-shaped paper are collected and fed into the molding machine, and the paper is then rolled into a paper cup shape outside the cup mold. At the same time, the mold provides heat at the seams of the paper, allowing the PE to be bonded to each other by thermal damage, and the bottom of the paper cup is then attached. Immediately after the mold pushes the cup, the paper at the mouth of the cup is rolled down and fixed by heat to form the cup edge of the paper cup. These molding steps can be completed in 1 second.

       double PE coated paper cup machine

       Environmental protection should not be just a measure, and it needs to be improved by many parties

       Wang Yuzi emphasized that the government needs to invest more in education and education, and plan appropriate classifications for paper containers in various types of garbage collection places to make the recycling process smoother. At the same time, the government should also cultivate more resources to recycle. The industry, after recycling the paper containers, can properly handle the reuse, which is the real implementation of environmental protection from all aspects.

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