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Fighter pilots wear diapers for"extreme flight"and the cockpit is covered with chocolate

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Core tips:Diaper machine The pilot also needs to be equipped with double-layer adult diapers made by adult diaper production line, after all, need to fly in the air for several hours.
       Regarding this small detail of our fighter pilots, many military fan friends are not very clear, that is, China has Air Force pilots with standard chocolate, and after the aircraft is launched, the ground support will be hung up in all convenient positions in the aircraft cockpit. Chocolate, why do you do this?
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       First of all, the pilot is actually a high-energy consumption, especially the pilot of the fighter. It is necessary to perform a large number of difficult movements under the pressure of several G. The spirit is highly concentrated, which is actually very energy-consuming. In addition, the Chinese Air Force now often conducts large-scale voyages. For example, it is necessary to mount 2-3 auxiliary fuel tanks for warplanes to patrol the air for a long time, to drill and perform missions. This is not a problem. If the sea is flying in the middle, it will be given to the aircraft. For aerial refueling, a fighter will continue to fly for several hours. During such a long period of time, the pilot is in urgent need of energy. But sitting there eating is certainly not possible, pick a helmet that can only be laid lunch meal consisting of bombers and transport aircraft to enjoy members.
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       Fighter pilots can only eat simple things. Chocolate is undoubtedly the best and the most convenient source of energy supplement. In addition, the pilot also needs to be equipped with double-layer adult Diapers made by adult diaper production line, after all, need to fly in the air for several hours. In the past,  fighters were not needed. Those fighters had a battery life of 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour. Modern China's third-generation fighters can reach thousands of kilometers of voyages after refueling, and can penetrate into thousands of kilometers of airspace to perform tasks.
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       Since 2010, the Chinese Air Force has begun to transform from a national air defense type to an offensive and defensive type, emphasizing the creation of an offensive strategic service. Fighter is necessary to adapt to this change and extend the time of each flight to carry out various combat tasks such as air combat, grounding, and anti-ground air defense. This is also the main reason why we have seen more and more pictures of the sub-tank lifting into the fighter in recent years.
  In addition to more time to carry out the sub-tank lift off the mission, and in all the  fighters enhanced air refueling training, the Chinese Air Force actually carried out the ultimate flight time of the fighter. Practical test, in order to grasp the most accurate data, targeted training of multi-purpose training of fighters .
  Military media such as the People's Liberation Army Daily and the Air Force reported that during the period of 2012-2015, the Air Force organized the fighters to conduct at least two "extreme flight" tests in the southern island region, and the results were a bit surprising.
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  For the first time, it took off from the southeast coastal airport and flew southwestward. After passing through Hainan Island, it continued to fly deep into the South China Sea. The mission of the fighter did not carry the auxiliary fuel tank, but the air-to-air missile was mounted. During the flight, the aircraft carried out two aerial refuelings on the mainland coast and the South China Sea, and finally flew back to the Nansha Islands. The entire mission has a one-way flight distance of more than 2,000 kilometers and a round-trip distance of 4,000-5,000 kilometers.
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  The "limit" of the second flight may be stronger. The fighter took off from the southeast coastal airport and mounted three auxiliary fuel tanks and several air-to-air missiles to fly to Hainan Island for "around the island". After using the oil in the auxiliary fuel tank, the fighter aircraft also carried out at least one air refueling. In the end, the fighters flew for more than six hours in arow . In order to ensure the physical strength and convenience of the pilot, the cockpit of the fighter is in the cockpit of the mission, but all the positions can be filled with air force standard chocolate for the pilot to fill the hunger. The pilot himself wore a double-layer adult diaper made by adult diaper making machine to deal with the convenience problem.
  If calculated at a cruising speed of 900-1000 km, the ultimate flight distance of the  fighter aircraft exceeds 6,000 kilometers.
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  The two extreme flight tests are mainly to collect the longest data of the pilots performing the missions of the fighters, to find out the operation of the various systems and equipment during the long-distance flight of the fighters, the odds of special circumstances and the disposal methods and so on.


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