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Full-Automatic High-Speed Rewinding and Perforating Small Toilet Paper Machine

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Toilet tissue machine Full-Automatic High-Speed Rewinding and Perforating Small Toilet Paper Machine1.Toilet Paper Machine The description of
Full-Automatic High-Speed Rewinding and Perforating Small Toilet Paper Machine

1.Toilet Paper Machine
The description of equipment purpose:
The rewinding machine is a new type of toilet paper or Sanitary paper production equipment. The finished toilet paper roll unit with three major advantages of health,convenience, affordable. The productive principle is: raw paper is perforated by blade roller of this machine, winding the long paper roll that with required diameter,automatic cutting edge, and then cutting into toiler paper roll units by our band saw slitting machine .This machine can produce toiler paper with core and withoutcore
The rewinding machine is improved base on the original one with more competitive price and high performance, only need manually changing paper core , and adopting the new technology of vacuum columns forming to produce toilet paper without paper core to reach the effect of not needing the steel tube to rewind to made toilet paper with paper core or without paper core. The Machine that are configured on a variety of functional devices and received good comments from consumers. The machine is simple, all functions at one go, the market has been well received by users around the praise, is the production of your core, coreless toilet paper cylinder, the best choice for improving economic efficiency.
Main features are:
1. After Rewinding , you need to send manually paper roll into edge system to cut and edge. This machine can automatic trim , spray, Edge simultaneously at a time .The finished products  with 10-18mm  margin for easy opening.
2. raw paper monitoring system, high speed real-time monitoring process of the base paper, breaks automatic shutdown to ensure normal operation of equipment.
3.The rewinding system of paper roll without core has changed the traditional core-pulling rewinding process to achieve solid results, reduce labor costs and make products more perfect.
4. spiral soft knife with high precision, low noise, perforating more clear, more adjustment range gearbox.
5 three horizontal back paper frames, pneumatically feeding paper, belt sending paper, each roll paper with independent tension adjustment device.
6. the raw paper injection by front and back dot-move switch, simple operation, and more secure.
2.Toilet Paper Machine structure:
The machine consists of the following mechanisms:
The Unwinding and speed adjustable device of raw paper, embossing, compaction equipment, spiral perforating equipment, mechanical hand fold forming device, automatic counting sub-stack devices, electrical equipment concentrated control of other components of assembly.
3.Of the production process:
Unwinding - Pull Paper - Embossed - Pressure feed - punch - winding - cut trimming - seal.
(1) The machine uses 380V power supply, pls exam before start up:
a:If motor rotation is correct. b: the adjustment of the main motor control in the "0" position.
(2) the boot steps: first start air compressor, vacuum pump start, and then start to adjust the motor.
The operating methods and principles:
1.putting the raw paper roll in middle: use manual valves 1 to enhance the raw paper roll to put the paper roll into holder . Turn and adjust the raw paper roll adjustment handle A to let the raw pepr roll in middle and aligned the front and back raw paper roll
2.Paper injection process: the transition roller - embossing roll - punch knife roll - rolling roller. the dot- move switch should be used when Injection paper
3.Unwinding of raw paper: use the raw paper manual transmission valve 2 to let the , cylinder drive belt frame up till the flat belt press the raw paper. Flat belt speed may be adjusted by the raw paper tension adjustment wheel B (Note: normal production do not need adjustment ).
4.Embossing: embossing by lift and down valves 3 of emobssing rolls, relax embossing roller (rubber roller), so that the raw paper through the embossing rollers.
5.Perforating: Opening the raw paper and through the perforating blade roller gap
6.Winding: putting the raw paper into winding roller, turn non-core steel or paper core, so that the raw paper on the two laps around.
7.Compaction: lower compaction roll and press lightly on the roll. Low motivation to open sets.
Toilet Paper Machine Installation and maintenance
 Installation Notes
1.Bolts must be tightened fully.
2.Air compressor should be placed in the dust than the rare places.
3.Electrical control cabinet should be placed to avoid the wet, to avoid the sun's position.
4.Ground, and ground shade less than 4 ohms.
5.Before commissioning:
a.Understand the basic principles of this device and use.
b.Inspect the clean-up conditions and installation.
c.Check the circuit connections and routes.
d.Check the tension of the belt is standard.
e.Manually check the operation of the load.
f. Check the movement direction of the movement is correct, Deputy.

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