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HC-Series Toilet Paper Rewinding and Slitting Machine

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Toilet tissue machine HC-Series Toilet Paper Rewinding and Slitting MachineThis high-speed toilet paper roll machine is available in different
HC-Series Toilet Paper Rewinding and Slitting Machine
This high-speed  toilet paper roll machine is available in different working width of 811mm, 1020mm & 1350 mm. It is a slitting machine having perforation and slitting blades that could be adjusted to make Kitchen and Industrial Rolls. Electronic counter is also provided with the machine, which control the number of sheets to be bounded over a given roll.
Full automatic toilet rewinding and perforating machine is a new kind of life sanitation equipment. The production of kleenex with health, convenient, economical three advantages. Our machine principle was to use the knife roll to slit jumbo roll, perforating and rewinding the seted diameter long paper roll,auto sealing and slitting,then using the band saw slitting machine to cut the long paper roll to small toilet paper roll, produce with paper core and without paper core.
Machine adopts the international advanced PLC computer programming technology, Mitsubishi inverter. multi-touch screen human-machine interface operating system, the use of wind column formed new technologies,so that can do the paper core and without paper core toilet paper Machine with multi-function configuration device receive high praise by consumers.

Main features:
1.Full automatic core changing units,no need people to put paper core.rewind and auto-sending the finished paper, Rewinding reset can be adjusted immediately and can adjust any kind of paper tube.
2.After rewind formed auto sending finished tissue ,adopt new technology of imitating arm to push the finished products.
3.Adopt advanced PLC programmer technology,finished products in the rewinding process to achieve a variety of different loose after tightening. Soluting products for a long time away from the state of loose paper core.
4.Jumbo roll Monitoring System,while operating can monitor jumbo roll breaking down to ensure the machine running normal.
5.Auto trimming, gluing and sealing,complete in once. finished product leave with 10-18mm paper,so that can be easy to operate the machine,to reduce the paper waste,so that to reduce the cost.
6.High density knife,lower noise,clear perforate, transmission case with great adjustment.
7.Two back paper planes, air on paper, wide leather belt feed, each of jumbo roll which with  independent tension adjustment device.
8.Without paper core rewinding system,it is different with traditional to achieved the solid,so that can reduce the labor cost,makes the finished product looks more perfect.
9.Adopt before and after switch point by traction jumbo roll, easy operate and more secure.
HC-TT 全自动盘纸分切复卷机
Jumbo roll speed adjust device, embossing, press device ,spiral perforating device ,folding forming manipulator devices,  Automatic counting separate fold device、Electric central control assembly and other parts.
Unwind-drawing paper-embossing-gluing-pressing-perforating-winding-cutting-trimming-sealing-sending
One Instruction
1.The toilet paper roll machine uses 380V power supply, check before start: motor shift is corret.
2.Adjust the main motor control in the "0" position.
3.Operation Principle.
4.Operate steps: turn on the air compressor-Vacuum pump-adjust motor
5.Jumbo Roll placed in the middle: use base paper enhance manual valve NO.1, put roll to the framework. Turning and adjustment the jumbo roll and adjustment lever rotation A, to make roll in the center, and to align front and back jumbo roll.
6.Unwind base paper: use raw paper transmit manual valve 2, so stand up lift cylinder to promote the belt until the belt press and hold the scroll level, Flat belt speed may be adjusted through the base paper tension adjustment wheel B (Note: normal production after the general no adjustment).
7.Embossing roller: Use embossing rollers lift valve number 3 to lamination, relax embossing  rollers(plastic roll).
8.Cited paper process: Transition roll-embossing roll-perforating roll-transition roll-up and down cutting roll. Cited paper should use jog switch function cited paper.
9.Winding: put the jumbo roll to the unwinding roll,turn the core-less steel tube or core paper, to circle twice the jumbo roll.
10.Perforating: Put the expanded jumbo roll to though the space .
11.Pressing: low down the pressing roll,slight to press on the jumbo roll, with lower speed to operate the machine.
rewinder toilet paper machine

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