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Help Enbao: Like a mother, design a diaper for your baby.

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Core tips:Diaper machine After the second-child policy came to the fore, China's maternal and child industry was in a good position and entered a period of rapid growth in the development of the trillion-dollar market. Among them, diapers, as the "hard currency" in
 After the second-child policy came to the fore, China's maternal and child industry was in a good position and entered a period of rapid growth in the development of the trillion-dollar market. Among them, Diapers, as the "hard currency" in the maternal and child industry, bear the brunt of the industry branch with the fastest growth. According to experts, in 2017, China will usher in a new round of baby birth, and the cake in the future diaper market will continue to increase, and the diaper industry will become a “visible gold mine”.
Domestic diaper market: business opportunities and crisis coexist
The liberalization of the second-child policy, the increase in the income of the residents, the appeal of the scientists, and the improvement of the concept of the baby's health care for the baby – with the comprehensive help of these factors, the demand for domestic diapers has been greatly improved. The data shows that in the current family of babies, the consumption of diapers has risen to 3.2 pieces per day, which is a significant increase over the past, but there is still much room for 5.6 pieces in Europe and the United States. In addition, the penetration rate of urban diapers in China is 92%, but it is still less than 10% in rural areas. It is foreseeable that the market potential of China's Baby diapers will gradually expand.
The diaper market has great potential and the development situation is optimistic. At the same time, the domestic diaper market is also in crisis. For example, the homogenization of diaper brands is becoming more and more serious, and the driving force for innovation is weak. In addition, many products only focus on functional effects, lack of humanity considerations in the design... These will make the baby feel uncomfortable and bring anxiety and anxiety to the mother. From a macro perspective, these situations have laid a hidden danger to the healthy and rapid development of the domestic diaper brand.
Technology + Professional "Help Enbao" makes Bao Ma no longer worried
In the above market environment, Enbang, a well-known domestic maternal and child products brand with the concept of “care for the baby, thanksgiving mother love”, based on its own technology and professional advantages, launched the first heavy product of Enbon – “Help” Enbao". Among them, “Zhong Enbao” baby care products choose pure original ecological raw materials. After special processing, it will not stimulate the baby's skin and give the baby more tender skin.
"Help Enbao" baby diapers (pull pants), using the toning air conditioning layer design and processing technology, is very good in absorption, leakage and breathability, can be formed on the baby's small butt The best dry protective layer, effectively avoid urinary irritations; humanized three-dimensional tailoring, designed according to the baby's gear position, is conducive to the healthy development of the baby's legs.
“Everyone often said that maternal love is above everything else. Can we as a diaper manufacturer really think about it as a mother, consider the baby’s breathability, how close it is, how to absorb it when the diaper is put on. I often tell all Enbon people that we have to do things like doing products for our baby, so that we can really make the mothers of the world feel at ease.” The person in charge of Shenzhen Enbang Maternal and Child Products Co., Ltd. said in this interview. .
The Enbon people said this, and they did the same. After taking the essence and discarding the dross, after analyzing and testing the advantages and disadvantages of thousands of domestic and foreign diapers, the Enbang product research and development team worked hard on materials and design, and carried out successive improvements and tests, and finally developed With the help of rapid water-absorbing lock, elastic waist, ultra-thin, super breathable, baby's sense of security (mute Velcro) four advantages of the "Gang Enbao" series of products. Let the mother's mother's love can be targeted, so that the baby is more comfortable and comfortable, truly feel the mother's care and care.
Entrepreneurial dream season How to make entrepreneurship easier and simpler
For ordinary individuals, entrepreneurship has three major difficulties: insufficient funds, few good projects, and poor ability to withstand risks. The first heavyweight product of Enbon, “Enbao”, hit the three major problems in one fell swoop. First of all, on September 6, 2016, the Enbon Quantum program will be open for a limited time, and 19.9 yuan will be able to book scarce seats, so that entrepreneurs can easily grab the gold market opportunities. Second, relying on large company teams and brands to minimize risk. Finally, and most importantly, the product advantages of “Enbao” open up a new blue ocean for entrepreneurs.
According to the person in charge of the Enbon Investment Department, in the comprehensive evaluation of the industry that includes foreign brands of diapers, “Enbao” has performed well in various aspects such as breathability, dryness, fit and comfort. Parents and industry insiders alike and affirmed that everyone is predicting that the “Xing Enbao” industry “new star” will perform well in the Chinese diaper market and shine. At the same time, I believe that the steadfast and steady pursuit of the ultimate Enbon, in the near future will be able to become the leading brand in the maternal and child industry, let us wait and see.
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