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How to buy your first disposable adult diaper machine?

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Core tips:Diaper machine Let us review some of the important steps that need to be checked before you rush with your hard earned money to place your first purchase with a adult diaper machine vendor; lets review the common mistakes usually committed by most first timers.
       Every disposable Diaper manufacturer knows that the most difficult machine to buy is always the first one. based on their earned experience with this first machine, diaper manufacturers become more knowledgeable and more cautious when buying their second or third machine. If only this level of knowledge was available to them from the beginning, they would have saved tens of thousands and in many cases even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Let us review some of the important steps that need to be checked before you rush with your hard earned money to place your first purchase with a adult Diaper machine vendor; let's review the common mistakes usually committed by most first timers. 
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       Lets start with a few key steps.
       Do you really want to be a diaper manufacturer? Be absolutely sure, most times there is no way to go back once you pass the point of no return. It is amazing how many excellent traders end up being lousy manufacturers just because they did not understand where they were getting into, or nobody told them. 
       Analyze your market well. Sometimes it may be easier to make a adult diaper produced by adult diaper production line than to sell it, especially with a new “ugly duckling” brand that nobody knows, or when you end up offering a diaper with the wrong set of features for your market. Trust your own marketing instincts on top of those of your machine vendor. They make diaper machines, but they don't sell diapers. In this case, the market is the king and your only boss. Before you can choose a good diaper design, you have to understand how your competitor's diapers are constructed.  Start with a diaper performance benchmark, and then continue with a professional and detailed reverse engineering report; to reduce costs, do it for those brands that look most promising, or choose only one size and then select more brands. Understand what features are truly needed and why one brand may be better accepted in your local market than the others. 
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       Now you are ready to define all the product features that you want to order from the machine vendor.
       1.You need to define your required machine speed. You should look at the market potential data and your own budget limitations. A simple criterion is to define the speed based on an estimate for your own sales volume after 6 months from start up, being sure you can sell at least one shift of production at the expected cruise speed and rated capacity of the machine you plan to buy.
       2.Make sure you ask for the same exact items or the same diaper machine modules from all potential vendors; make sure each machine module is really equivalent in terms of the technology and process control; the acceptable performance for you equipment has to be well defined as part of the purchasing contract. 
       3.In this industry, variable cost of production is more important than the investment capital, for this reason it justifies to pay more for an equipment if you are convinced you will be able to manufacture exactly the same product with a lower unitary cost and/or with better quality. This is usually the reason why people want to get rid of their old equipment to exchange with a new one.
       4.Make sure you have enough money left after the purchase of the machine to use for working capital. Keep in mind that the disposable adult diaper manufacturing machine and the building are probably just half of the total investment you will need to operate your new business, that is, unless you already have excellent credit ratings to use for working capital. Starting up a new diaper factory without money in your pocket is the very worst thing you can do.
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       5.Make sure you have a good technical team, with solid manufacturing experience. Choose each profile carefully. People that you can trust. You must have them ready before you are being called for the acceptance test by the vendor. Hiring key personnel under time pressure is a bad business decision. Going to the final acceptance test without a good technical team (production, maintenance, electric & electronic, and quality) is a total waste of your money. 
       6.Make sure that the acceptance test at the vendor's factory takes into account all your basic training needs, like product size changes, electronic calibrations, PLC calibrations for ejecting splices, maintenance and spare part changes, and stack count changes. Buy enough material to complete the run test according to negotiated performance in at least two sizes and at least for one full hour each.
       7.Make a special budget for your installation, for the auxiliary equipment like air dryer and compressor, ducting, wiring, dust reclaiming, laboratory equipment, etc. Make a plan for the start up and the time required for your learning curve. Make sure the team the vendor sends to your factory for initial set up and calibration is in fact able to communicate with your local team in a clear way; if this is hard, at least have a good translator at your disposal. Make sure you have a quality control laboratory and that you have trained all your staff about what makes a good diaper with the correct work instructions.  
       8.Don't be tempted to accept any new product unless it satisfies all product quality requirements. The machine should never be started if you don't have a quality manual, with product tolerances. If you already have a private label brand and are planning to substitute with your own production, you should be extra careful or you may lose your brand during the learning process. 
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