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Core tips:Diaper machine The weather is hot, and diapers will become a problem for new mothers. In fact, as long as you understand the key to the use of diapers, you can make your baby comfortable and cool. First, choose the type of diaper that makes your baby more comfortable
The weather is hot, and Diapers will become a problem for new mothers. In fact, as long as you understand the key to the use of diapers, you can make your baby comfortable and cool.
First, choose the type of diaper that makes your baby more comfortable
1. How to choose: You can choose some small packages first, let the baby try, and choose the most comfortable one after the baby is put on.
At present, all kinds of large and small sizes on the market can be said to be quite complete. In addition to the selection of size and style, we must also pay attention to some small details that are close-fitting and intimate.
More absorption, faster absorption: more absorption, can reduce the frequency of replacement; fast absorption, can reduce the time of contact between urine and skin. In addition, the material of the diaper surface should also be selected to be dry and not oozing back, so that the sleeping baby can not be prevented from sleeping by the wet diaper.
Breathable, not stuffy: the diapers used by the baby are uncomfortable. Mothers can use the Sanitary napkins they use during their physiological period to imagine: if they are not breathable, especially in the summer, it will make people feel uncomfortable and restless. . Therefore, the baby's diapers are the same, the smooth and smooth plastic material, is it really more breathable than the cotton material? You need to observe it from your baby's little butt!
Whether the touch is comfortable: touch is the first step for the baby to know the world; having a good tactile experience can help him develop a more complete sense of security. The establishment of a sense of security has a direct impact on future development behavior. Your baby's skin is very sensitive, and if you have a little stimulation, it will make him feel very uncomfortable. This is worth your while.
Dry and dry, no leakage: the diapers sold in the market have actually reached the standard of no leakage, so, for this, Mom and Dad can be more at ease! However, whether the design of the baby's leg and waist is too tight due to leakage prevention, and whether the use of the material makes the baby comfortable, it is something we must pay attention to!
Of course, the use of diapers in the heat of the day, but also consider the water absorption and high permeability of the diaper. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the type of diaper and the age of the baby, the body is important.
2, careful observation: After using the diaper, you should carefully observe whether the baby's small buttocks have rashes, especially in the baby's thigh roots, the most likely to appear "enemy", must be kept dry.
3, the use of rules: summer in the daytime, it is best not to wear diapers for the baby, pay attention to record the baby's interval between each pee, in order to remind the baby, let him slowly form the law of urination. After the diaper is put on, even if there is no urine, the bacteria carried on the baby's skin will be left on, and the diaper after wearing is easy to break, so it should not be reused.
Second, homemade diapers
Do you know that wearing a diaper for your baby is like wearing a pair of trousers but you can't help it? If your baby has already climbed, do you think it is not convenient to use a pad? Do you think it is too cumbersome and not economical to change the urinary shorts?
I will tell you my little ideas, give it a try!
Step 1: Choose a used large diaper filled with water (of course you can also choose a new one).
The second step: use scissors to cut a 6 to 7 cm hole in the diaper stick butt, turn the whole diaper over and rinse off the cotton-like plaque inside the water and dry it.
Step 3: Turn over the dry diaper, flatten the waterproof outer layer, and stick the butt-faced smudge on the outer layer (because there is excess glue between the layer and the inner layer).
Step 4: Cut off the diaper stick.
Ok, a simple diaper is made! Tied to the baby's waist with a wide rubber band, put the diaper on the diaper, and rub it in the rubber band on the baby's waist. Because the diaper is curved and elastic, the diaper is very stable inside. The baby can move freely, that is, don't worry about hot ass, don't worry about wet bed or leaking urine, wet the diaper and just take out the new one. Even if you prepare a few diapers, you won't even pay a penny.
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