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Jumeiyou 1.5 billion investment maternal and child e-commerce baby tree

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Core tips:Diaper machine On July 22nd, the vertical mother-infant community baby tree officially announced the completion of a total of 300 million US dollars (about 1.86 billion yuan) of financing led by Jumeiyoupin, of which Jumeiyou Investment invested 250 million US dollars (
On July 22nd, the vertical mother-infant community baby tree officially announced the completion of a total of 300 million US dollars (about 1.86 billion yuan) of financing led by Jumeiyoupin, of which Jumeiyou Investment invested 250 million US dollars (1.55 billion yuan) A number of well-known domestic investment institutions jointly invested 50 million US dollars. It is worth mentioning that this investment is the largest amount of financing in the history of China's maternal and child industry.
"Publishing the big event, spending 1.5 billion a day. Jumei strategic investment baby tree 1.5 billion, the strongest maternal and child community + the strongest cross-border e-commerce + endless money, maternal and child e-commerce pattern has been set." 22 On the evening of the same day, Jumei Premier CEO Chen Ou issued such a microblog, officially announced the "spoiler" mother and child e-commerce, and said that "the combination of the two sides in their respective leading fields will end the war between mother and baby e-commerce."
In fact, the baby tree that has been in the industry for eight years has had the idea of ​​“evaporating” traffic by e-commerce last year, and baby tree CEO Wang Huainan said that the biggest problem encountered before was “supply chain integration and logistics”. For cross-border e-commerce, the "mother and baby Haitao" is a piece of fat that cannot be lost.
"The cooperation with Jumei is a choice that will make the baby tree e-commerce become the first choice in the industry in a very short time." Wang Huainan told reporters that "the two cooperations have integrated the huge maternal and child user traffic of the baby tree and the most perfect The cross-border e-commerce back-office support system is an amazing combination."
It is worth mentioning that on the day of the official announcement of this round of financing, Jumeiyou and Baby Tree announced that the baby tree e-commerce will start in 24 hours after the start of the morning on July 24th at 10:00 on the morning of July 24th. Big promotion for Diapers.
It seems that the diaper has been locked in by both parties as the first battle of the "end of the mother-child e-commerce war." According to the "2015 Maternal and Child Industry White Paper" jointly released by Baby Tree and AdMaster, children's wear, toys, and diapers have become the most popular maternal and child products category. Among them, the proportion of online purchase of diapers exceeds 72%, while the other type of baby essential milk powder The proportion of online shopping is only 22%. In fact, not only Jumei and baby trees, diapers have become a battleground for military strategists in all kinds of comprehensive and vertical e-commerce platforms.
"Milk powder belongs to food, it is more sensitive to mothers. It is more important than real price, not cheap. once the problem of supply is serious, it is very risky for mother and baby e-commerce." A maternal and child industry insider told reporters. "And milk powder can not be smashed, milk powder and complementary foods are as close as possible to the date of delivery, so most of the mother's milk powder is eaten now, only buy 2-3 months, diapers regardless of the proportion of goods Above, or the safety of sales is more attractive than milk powder."
For newborn mothers, diapers are indeed a very "costly" existence. "In fact, in all the baby's supplies, the most expensive is not milk powder, but diapers." A newborn mother told the "First Financial Daily" reporter.
In fact, whether it is a mother-infant vertical e-commerce or a comprehensive e-commerce, the diaper has been strangled. On March 16 this year, only one year of imported maternal and child products, e-commerce, honey buds, spent a total of 100 million price wars, and a number of imported diapers fell to the lowest point in history, about half of the previous market price. Later, many home appliance dealers such as Jingdong, Suning, No. 1 Store, and Ocean Terminal also followed suit.
Take 4 packs of 82 S-coded Japanese flower king imported diapers as an example, the domestic market price is 752 yuan. In this "diaper war", the ocean pier price is 396 yuan, the honey bud baby price is 390 yuan, and the Netease koala sea purchase is only 386 yuan. In Jingdong's new global purchase business, the minimum selling price of Kao diapers and specifications per package was reduced to 99 yuan (newborn number), and Tmall played the lowest slogan of 59 yuan.
“The average gross profit of diapers in the e-commerce field is 3%. This year, each family is not prepared to make money on the two maternal and child standards of diapers and milk powder, even losing money.” The industry insider told reporters, “that’s Because its purchase rate is very high, it can bring traffic to the website, and it is not easy to cause problems. Therefore, the price war of diapers is actually equivalent to spending money to advertise and grab traffic."
“The first need for a sea purchase is a mother and baby. The mother is most concerned about the child’s goods. As a new entrant, to pursue the scale of sales, it is best to use this as the entry point, which is why everyone is swarming. Going to be a mother and baby." The baby tree marketing department told the reporter of the "First Financial Daily".
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