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Kindergarten baby diaper pants, is mental retardation or psychological crisis?

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Core tips:Diaper machine "Mother's net feature" "3 years old still urinating pants, shame!" Because the small watermelon in the kindergarten urine pants, hemp is shy me again ... can you make it? The diaper is not a small watermelon Deliberately, it is no
"Mother's net feature" "3 years old still urinating pants, shame!" Because the small watermelon in the kindergarten urine pants, hemp is shy me again ... can you make it? The Diaper is not a small watermelon Deliberately, it is not that I am stupid. Can you not be ashamed of me? Actually, I also know that I have learned to urinate and defecate last year. Now, when I go to kindergarten, I have "accidental accidents". Every day I pee and I am worried. I am worried that the small watermelon has a strange disease, and I am worried that the small watermelon will go backwards...
Baby diaper pants, mother's troubles
In fact, baby diaper pants are really not a big deal, many babies will also pee the urine pants like a small watermelon.
Mama netizen @ABB伶俐: My little stupid person will say peeing when I am one and a half years old, but I still don’t know how to take off my pants and pee after 2 and a half years. It is also very troublesome.
Mum netizen @VanessYang: According to my summary, the kindergarten is a hurdle, many children who have already gone to the toilet, often pee in the kindergarten, may be too happy to play with the little students.
Mom Net User @他她2446: When my family is awake, I will urinate myself, and when I fall asleep, I will wet the bed, so I will use her insulation pad to prevent my bed from flooding.
Why do our children urinate? The main reason is that the child's nervous system is still not well developed, and the ability to respond to urine is relatively weak. As we grow older, the development of various organs is gradually improved, and the problem of diapers in bedwetting will slowly disappear. Ramie can also perform defecation training for children according to their different age characteristics.
The first stage (before 1 year and a half): With the nature, want to pee and urine
Before the age of one and a half years old, the various systems of the body are not well developed, and there is no intention to control or not express urine. Bedwetting and diaper are inevitable. Ramie does not need to be too anxious to give the baby urine and urinary training, let the baby want to pee and urinate, want to pull and pull. If you don't have time or inconvenience to wash your diapers frequently, you can also use diapers for your baby. The ramie of small watermelons is also done this way.
Small watermelons feel that for babies less than one and a half years old, ramie does not have to worry too much about urinary and defecation training, because their physical development and mental development have not been able to learn this skill well. If the parents are too anxious to train, it will also cause psychological pressure on the baby, and may even cause the baby to reject his defecation in the subconscious. However, when the parents change the diaper, they can consciously say to the baby: "Baby peeing (stool), change the diaper", this will help the baby understand the matter of defecation.
The second stage (1 year and a half - 3 years old): Conducting defecation training guide
When the baby reaches the age of one and a half, he has already prepared the physical and psychological preparations for defecation training. Hemp can begin to consciously guide the baby to his own bowel movements. Physiologically, the baby's muscles are more and more developed. They can not only sit, stand, walk, squat, and start flexibly, but also slowly learn to control the "storage" and "putting" of poop and pee. Psychologically, the baby is getting smarter, able to understand some of the daily instructions of the adults, and already understand what it means to go to the toilet.
Of course, children under the age of 3, and their ability to understand language is still relatively limited, so when giving children a bowel movement training, they should be based on "behavioral education, supplemented by language education." Ma Ma must first learn to observe and see the child appear some "small movements" before defecation, such as suddenly quietly moving down, or making a "hmm, um" sound, take the child to the toilet, teach him to take off his pants And kneel down, or sit on the toilet to solve it yourself.
The third stage (after 3 years old): Let the child slowly overcome the bedwetting, diaper pants
When the child reaches 3 years old, the bladder has a stronger ability to store urine. The ramie can make the child slowly overcome the bedwetting and diaper pants. When the child says that he wants to pee, hemp can deliberately let the child take him to the toilet for a while. From five minutes to ten minutes, then twenty minutes, thirty minutes. However, the small watermelon should remind the ramie, so that the child can not lick the urine for too long. once the child is used to urinating for a long time, it has great damage to the kidney function.
Smart baby does not pee pants? Relationship between bowel habits and intelligence
The older generation believes that the more babies are going to primary school, the smarter they will be. For children who have learned to go to the bathroom but suddenly pee, many parents worry about whether their intelligence has been damaged or their intelligence has gone backwards. In fact, these views are not correct. Intelligence is determined by the brain, and is far from the bladder that controls the bowel movements, so the child's bowel habits are not related to intelligence. As long as the other aspects of the child are normal, the numbness does not have to worry about the child's intellectual problems.
Children need to go to the conditioning stage from the time they want to pull and pull, and progress to the real self-care stage. Generally, they should be 2 or 3 years old. Of course, some children receive defecation training later, or 3 or 4 only to achieve the purpose of self-care defecation. The child at this time is aware of the feeling of excretion and expresses it through language, movement or other means. Secondly, the child should be able to control the muscle movement of the anus and urethra within a certain period of time, and properly urinate. Finally, the child must be able to understand and cooperate with excretion at the appropriate location. These must be done until the child's physiological maturity reaches a certain level.
In fact, like a small watermelon, I have learned to have my own bowel movements, but occasionally the phenomenon of bedwetting and diaper pants, the vast majority is affected by psychological factors. Adults often say "scared", and indeed there are very few adults who will appear in some thrilling and scary scenes. For example, traffic accidents on the highway, or suddenly seeing something horrifying, and some adults are scared. The child's psychological endurance and bladder control ability are weaker than adults, so it is not surprising that the phenomenon of urinary trousers occasionally occurs. The ramie does not have to worry that this is a child's intellectual problem. Instead, consider whether the child has recently received certain things. The impact of the psychological pressure.
Studies have also shown that children who have mastered their own defecation ability often have frequent urination or pull the urine on their bodies when they are extremely uneasy about certain things. In this case, the above symptoms of the child can be cured only by fundamentally eliminating various factors that make the child feel psychologically disturbed. In fact, small watermelons often pee in the kindergarten, because the small watermelon just went to kindergarten, not familiar with the surrounding environment and the teachers and classmates, psychologically anxious and nervous, sometimes involuntarily urinating pants. There are still times when the small watermelon is very happy with the younger classmates. When I am in a hurry, I forgot to go to the toilet for a while. When I realized that I couldn’t help myself, it was late, and I could only pee on my pants. However, Xiaomian believes that after a while, after I have adapted to the life of the kindergarten, I will not pee often.
At the end of the small watermelon, you should also remind me of the numbness. If the child occasionally has diaper pants, parents should not blame it loudly, so as not to let the child feel frustrated; don’t laugh at them, otherwise they will have psychological pressure and psychological Under pressure, the child may continue to pee.
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