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Look at the industry's new wind direction toilet paper machine exhibition area!

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine A total of 75 suppliers participated in the tissue machine and accessories exhibition area of ​​the annual conference, bringing their latest equipment research and development results. In order to meet the needs of China's tissue paper manufacturers
A total of 75 suppliers participated in the tissue machine and accessories exhibition area of ​​the annual conference, bringing their latest equipment research and development results. In order to meet the needs of China's tissue paper manufacturers to upgrade, the main domestic and foreign tissue machine suppliers are constantly innovating and improving technology, in improving the preparation technology, improving the dryer technology, improving drying efficiency and energy saving. All have made breakthroughs and provided support for the vigorous development of the tissue paper industry.
1. Start with high-quality fiber preparation – continuous improvement of slurry processing technology
The production of tissue paper begins with slurry processing, and the technical improvement of the stock preparation system is the first step in the improvement of the entire production process.
Andritz's latest pulping process can use two systems for separate beating of long and short fibers for better beating. The FiberSolve FSV pulper rotor and extraction chamber are designed to increase the disintegration concentration to 7.5%, with sufficient fiber decomposition and no damage, and low energy consumption. As the core of the stocking line, ANDRITZ's Papillon disc grinding has a cylindrical grinding zone that treats the fibers more gently and achieves superior fiber performance compared to conventional disc grinding. The dust generated during the production process is significantly reduced, resulting in less dust on the tissue machine.
In addition, the Chinese market uses bamboo pulp fiber to produce household paper, and Aeseri, ANDRITZ, Chuanzhijiang and other foreign tissue machine suppliers actively respond to the special needs of the Chinese market, improve the adaptability of paper machine to bamboo pulp, and improve the final paper. The quality of the product.
2. The localization of key components such as steel dryers is improved, and structural performance is continuously optimized.
Steel Yankee cylinder is a key component of modern high-speed toilet paper. Due to its excellent drying capacity, it has become the main type of dryer for high-speed tissue machine. The continuous optimization and innovation of the structural performance of the steel Yankee cylinder makes it possible for the tissue machine to achieve high speed, high width and produce high quality paper products.
imported tissue machine suppliers have gradually increased the proportion of steel Yankee production in China to reduce logistics costs and better serve Chinese customers.
ANDRITZ's steel Yankee business center in Foshan, Guangdong, continuously upgrades Yankee's manufacturing, field service and quality management. Its PrimeDry steel Yankee cylinder is 12-22 ft in diameter and 22 ft in diameter. Especially suitable for toilet paper machines with a width of 5,600mm, which can achieve excellent drying effect.
In order to reduce heat loss and reduce energy consumption, Yaseli's dryer end cover is made of insulation structure, which consists of steel plate with ceramic insulation layer and external PC coating. Compared with other traditional insulation materials, ceramics can achieve better insulation performance and stable insulation surface properties. The Yaseli dryer with a width of 2.8m has no longitudinal welding, and the surface of the dryer with a width of 5.6m is welded by only one ring seam, which can achieve maximum drying capacity. At the same time, Yaseli is also increasing the proportion of localization of steel dryers through cooperative production.
At the same time, we are also pleased to find that the production process of steel Yankee cylinders of domestic equipment suppliers is constantly improving. For example, the drying cylinder produced by Jiangnan dryer has high safety performance and the working pressure can reach 1.0MPa or more. The unique cylinder groove design greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency and reduces energy consumption. The medium-high curve of the cylinder face optimization design is combined with the special alloy coating to improve the quality of the final product. Shandong Xinhe recently developed a steel Yankee cylinder with a width of 6,000 mm, a diameter of 4,877 mm and a speed of 2,000 m/min.
3. Improve cycle utilization and deepen energy saving
In the production process of household paper, it will consume a lot of energy such as heat, electricity and water. With the continuous strengthening of national environmental protection policies and the intensification of market competition, energy conservation and emission reduction, reduction of energy consumption per unit of product, and improvement of equipment operation efficiency Become a key breakthrough in business development. Effectively improving the circulation system, improving energy efficiency, and deepening energy conservation and consumption reduction are the key to the technological innovation of tissue machine.
The secondary evaporation heat recovery system developed by ANDRITZ can use waste heat to evaporate condensate, which is the most important part of energy recovery in toilet paper production process. 30% of the required steam in the drying process can be generated by waste heat, saving 8 % dry energy consumption.
ANDRITZ's secondary evaporation heat recovery system
At this annual meeting, Valmet focused on its Advantage ReGen cogeneration system, which not only introduces the gas turbine system exhaust into the steam generator to produce steam, but also uses it as a hood hot air to dry the web. The Advantage ReGen system increases the overall drying efficiency of the tissue machine and reduces emissions of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.
Advantage ReGen Cogeneration System
PMP has developed a recovery system that uses hot flue gas from the wet end of the hood of a tissue machine to heat and generate steam. The system includes a dedicated recovery steam generator that is 320 ° C - 330 ° from the wet end of the hood. The hot flue gas of C is a heat source that produces steam at a rate of 1.2 t/h, which produces 25% to 30% of the total steam consumption of the Yankee tank.
PMP recycling steam generator system
The water consumption in the papermaking process is also an important indicator of energy consumption. Reducing the water consumption per unit of product not only reduces the cost of the product, but also maximizes the use of valuable water resources. Xi'an Xingyu Papermaking Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. newly developed metal fiber bagless corrugated filter disc, which can be used for fine fiber recovery and white water reuse in white water. The recovery rate of fine fiber is 98%, the clarity of clear filtrate is over 99%, and the filtrate is clear. The suspended matter content is less than 20 mg/L. The straight clear multi-disc filter is a new type of filtering equipment for white water reuse and fiber recovery developed for papermaking single machine. This equipment is combined with metal fiber bagless corrugated filter disc to achieve better white water treatment effect.
4. Intelligent concept throughout
With the deepening of the concept of intelligent manufacturing and the advancement of intelligent technology, the concept of intelligentization has gradually penetrated into the whole process of manufacturing and application of tissue machines. Not only has the intelligent operation level of equipment been improved, but also the advanced design from the early design to the later maintenance. Intelligent means.
In the design process of the tissue machine, Hangzhou Dalu uses advanced software packages for modular design, detailed stress analysis, finite element analysis and calculation of strength and stiffness, liquid state analysis of the headbox, and safety factor analysis of the shaft head for each project. The necessary three-dimensional modeling, etc., through advanced technology to improve the level and accuracy of paper machine design.
Hangzhou Dalu advanced toilet paper machine design software
Chuanzhijiang's BF-1500S tissue machine uses a visual and automated operation and control system to make the overall operation smarter and more user-friendly.
During the exhibition, Valmet set up the Valmet Center for Big Data Operation Center with the theme of “Using Paper for Industrial Internet” and demonstrated its latest VR (Virtual Reality) technology, through the use of enhanced or virtual A realistic way to solve problems can simplify work and improve the user experience. Valmet's first generation of eyewear equipment for holograms and virtual reality is now available, and the first real commercial applications will emerge in 2018.
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