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Ma Yinglong baby diaper: the new legend of the four hundred years old Chinese brand

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Core tips:Diaper machine In the late 1980s, Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream has been sold nationwide. In addition to treating hemorrhoids, it has a good effect on mosquito bites, itchy skin and even burns and burns. It is almost called “universal medicine” in rural areas. At the en
 Editor's note: Ma Yinglong is a legend. Every Ma Yinglong hemorrhoid cream is a legend. Every Ma Yinglong Baby diaper is also a legend.
Since 2015, Ma Yinglong Diapers have been born to distinguish the unique function of baby red buttocks. They have changed the current market pattern of diapers. It is regarded as another epoch of the four hundred years old Chinese brand Ma Yinglong following Babao eye cream and hemorrhoids cream. "Classic masterpieces", but few people know that, like the advent of Ma Yinglong's hemorrhoids cream, the birth of Ma Yinglong diapers is also a story full of legends.
More than 20 years ago, Ma Yinglong’s hemorrhoid cream was used as a “prescription” for treating baby diaper rash.
The story of Ma Yinglong diapers should start from the birth of Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream.
In the late 1980s, Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream has been sold nationwide. In addition to treating hemorrhoids, it has a good effect on mosquito bites, itchy skin and even burns and burns. It is almost called “universal medicine” in rural areas. At the end of the 1980s, it was the biggest baby boom since China's modernization. The economy has developed, and the nurturing of babies has become more meticulous. When diaper rash occurs in some babies, some parents “wonderful smear” smear Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream, no I think the effect is surprisingly good.
After the news spread, many parents who were guilty of baby diaper rashes, such as the treasure, have bought Ma Yinglong hemorrhoid cream to treat their baby's diaper rash, have achieved the desired effect, and are regarded as a fruitful "prescription", triggered The importance of the medical profession.
It is well known that diaper rash is a inflammatory skin lesion that occurs in the diaper-covered area. It is also called the baby's red buttocks. It is characterized by redness, swelling, and even ulceration, ulceration, and infection in the area where the buttocks are in contact with the diaper. There are many reasons for the onset of diaper rash. The most important thing is that the skin of the buttocks is moist and sultry for a long time. The irritating substances in the stool and urine can cause damage to the skin and redness of the small buttocks. Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi are on the damaged skin. Infection can increase the degree of red buttocks, and the skin on the buttocks is often exposed to some cleaning fluid.
The core of Ma Yinglong's hemorrhoid cream is the “eight treasure secret recipe” made from musk, bezoar, pearl, amber, calamine, borax, borneol and sassafras. The secret recipe and processing technology are not allowed to be kept secret, but why can it be treated? Baby diaper rash? Is the effect stable? The medical profession needs a clearer answer.
After being regarded as a "prescription" for more than ten years, around 2005, "Ma Yinglong's hemorrhoids cream for treating baby diaper rash" has become a subject of common concern and research in the medical community.
What is the effect? ​​The spontaneous “massive” research in the medical industry lasted for more than ten years.
Between 2000 and 2003, Wujin County People's Hospital of Shaanxi Province and Golmud People's Hospital of Qinghai Province used Ma Application Longxiangxiang Hemorrhoids Cream to treat 120 cases of diaper dermatitis in children, and treated with talcum powder in 60 cases. The results showed that Ma Yinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Cream The cure rate of small diaper dermatitis was 98.3%, and the cure rate of talcum powder was only 21.67%. It was concluded that "Ma Yinglong Musk Hemorrhoids cream has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification and astringing and stopping phlegm in children with diaper dermatitis". This achievement was published in Shaanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine. "No. 3 of 2005.
In 2006, 40 cases of diaper dermatitis were treated with topical application of Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream in the pediatrics department of Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was concluded that “the curative effect is certain, the effect is quick, the side effects are not obvious, and it is easy to use and worthy of clinical application.” Gansu Science and Technology" was published in the 7th issue of 2006.
In 2007, 44 cases of red-hip newborns were randomly divided into observation group (n=23) and control group (n=21), all of which were exposed after routine treatment. The observation group was treated with Ma Yinglong Musk Hemorrhoids cream and the control group was coated. Fish glycerin or erythromycin ointment, the effect is observed after 1 course of treatment. The results showed that the total effective rate of the observation group was 95.65%, and the total effective rate of the control group was 66.67%. It was concluded that the treatment of neonatal red buttocks with Ma Yinglong musk and hemorrhoid cream can accelerate redness and swelling, astringent wounds and promote healing. Safe and worthy of clinical application.
From March 2011 to October 2011, 44 children with gluteal red in the Department of Pediatrics, Lechang City, Guangdong Province were randomly divided into observation group (n=23) and control group (n=21), all of which were exposed after routine treatment. Ma Yinglong was treated with scented acne cream. The control group was treated with tea oil or chlortetracycline eye ointment. After 1 course of treatment, the curative effect was observed. The results showed that the effective rate of the observation group was 95.65%, and the effective rate of the control group was 66.67%. Conclusion: Ma Yinglong Musk The treatment of diaper dermatitis in children with hemorrhoids cream is effective and worthy of promotion in clinical work.
In this round of large-scale research boom lasting for about ten years, the medical community almost tried to use Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream to solve all problems on the baby's buttocks, such as hemorrhoids, perianal eczema, perianal damage after fecal incontinence, etc. There are exciting conclusions without exception.
For Ma Yinglong, a major product innovation opportunity has surfaced!
Ma Yinglong baby diapers turned out to prevent baby red buttocks
At the same time as the “large-scale” operations of hospitals and medical research institutions across the country, Ma Yinglong finally “can’t sit still”.
In 2009, Ma Yinglong, together with Peking University Postdoctoral Workstation and China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, conducted research on the mechanism of “Babao Secret recipe” for treating diaper rash in infants based on the research results of hospitals and medical research institutions across the country. based on the current baby-care needs and advanced manufacturing processes, we have developed a series of Ma Yinglong baby diapers that can effectively prevent and treat baby diaper rash. This is a new era with a history of 400 years. The field is blooming with new flowers.
In 2014, on the basis of more than 20 years of accumulation, after a long-awaited call, Ma Yinglong diapers finally turned out, the unique function of preventing and treating baby diaper rash completely solved the "baby red buttocks" of the new generation of mothers in China. Itching", the products sell well in the north and south of the country, and in one fell swoop to reverse the domestic market of high-end diaper market, leading the domestic brand diapers collective "counterattack", changing the current domestic market and industrial pattern of diapers.
“From Babao eye ointment to hemorrhoid cream, from hemorrhoid cream to diaper, Ma Yinglong always focuses on the application of 'Babao Secrets', based on market demand and practical innovation to develop new products, which determines that each of Ma Yinglong’s products can After being pushed to the market, it was quickly recognized. This is the biggest secret of Ma Yinglong's long-lasting success in the past 400 years!” said Wang Hantao, head of Ma Yinglong's mother-child section.
It is understood that as another fist product after Ma Yinglong's musk and hemorrhoids cream, Ma Yinglong has invested a lot of money and manpower in diaper products, and the production equipment and technology are all global leaders. All materials are in line with green environmental standards and are fully in style. Consider the characteristics of Chinese babies and use ergonomics. If you choose imported soft non-woven fabric to ensure your baby's skin is not stimulated by anyway; cooperate with international companies or Fortune 500 companies to form a polymer, viscose and other raw material partners, using high-tech environmentally friendly raw materials to ensure the rapid absorption of diapers Dry and fast, no reverse osmosis; use 360° comfort ring stickers, let the baby wear the same free movement like small underwear, strong absorption, deep lock water.
Nowadays, in the impression of the Chinese, under the banner of Ma Yinglong, the deepest branded “label” products are not only Babao eye cream and hemorrhoid cream, but also Ma Yinglong diapers. I believe that there will be new “labels” in the future. The product appeared, because for four hundred years, Ma Yinglong has been moving forward!
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