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Ma Yinglong baby diapers can also cure hemorrhoids? The truth "is so

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Core tips:Diaper machine After the blog post was issued, it caused a heated discussion among netizens. Some people said that "Ma Yinglong was originally treating hemorrhoids. Of course, its diapers can also cure hemorrhoids!" Some people lamented that "the blogger&
Extra! Extra! Ma Yinglong, who just "failed the old godmother and swept the Amazon", also sent a new "gossip": Ma Yinglong's Baby diapers can also cure hemorrhoids!
Recently, a microblog has aroused the interest of many people. In less than three hundred words, bloggers introduced their own "spirit" and quietly wore Ma Yinglong baby Diapers to treat acne, and lamented that "it seems that Ma Yinglong diapers can also treat acne." of!"
After the blog post was issued, it caused a heated discussion among netizens. Some people said that "Ma Yinglong was originally treating hemorrhoids. Of course, its diapers can also cure hemorrhoids!" Some people lamented that "the blogger's PP can be really small, baby diapers can wear, and Is there any smaller stuff...", others say "it's purely nonsense, how can diapers cure hemorrhoids..."
After repeatedly contacting the blogger without any response, the author turned to the multi-party to find the "truth."
The truth: whether it is a nephew or a guilt, diapers can not be cured!
The author contacted a number of anorectal surgeons and introduced the contents of the blog post to verify.
"Impossible! Diapers are care products, how can I treat hemorrhoids!" After hearing the news, doctors at an anorectal hospital in Wuhan couldn't help but smile.
According to the doctor, hemorrhoids are divided into internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. The treatment methods usually include drug therapy, exercise therapy, and surgical therapy. The use of Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream is currently the most common and effective drug therapy, but it can also be effective after the ointment is absorbed in the affected area. The diaper is neither a drug nor a long-term contact with the affected part. It can be determined that the treatment of acne can be "nonsense."
The fact is also true. The author has learned that as a disposable care product, the basic functions of diapers are nothing more than leakproof, breathable, urine-absorbing, anti-bacterial, and there is no diaper that can "treat" acne.
In addition, the doctor also introduced that Ma Yinglong is famous for hemorrhoid cream, but Ma Yinglong also produces baby diapers, diaper cream and other care products. Not all products are medicines. Of course, not all products can treat acne.
Truth 2: Ma Yinglong diaper prevents the baby "red butt" effect "lever".
In the blog post, there are two photos of diapers with the words "Ma Yinglong to Jane guarding the eight treasures of the ancients", then the new problem has come out again. Since the diaper is not a drug, the above "Babao ancient party" is another matter?
After multiple inquiries, the truth surfaced again.
It turns out that Ma Yinglong's "to the true guardian" diaper is a variety of Ma Yinglong diapers, while Ma Yinglong diapers are Ma Yinglong since 2009 and joined the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and other units, based on Ma Yinglong "eight treasure secret recipe" for the baby "red ass" The research and development of the care product, because the addition of Ma Yinglong "Babao original powder" in the core of the diaper can reduce the irritating effect of urine toxin on the baby's skin, and at the same time form a protective film on the skin to promote skin repair, prevent baby "red fart The fart "has a miraculous effect" is greatly welcomed by the "baby mothers".
In the customer evaluation of Tmall Ma Yinglong flagship store, "It is consistent with the description, it is really not red pp, and it is very worthwhile.", "Use this is to buy again. Not red butt, thin, than imported goods are okay |! Support domestically produced old brands." And similar evaluations abound.
It seems that although he can not treat hemorrhoids, Ma Yinglong diapers still glory for the country in the diaper market!
Truth 3: Ma Yinglong's baby diaper to treat hemorrhoids may be just a coincidence
Then, since the diaper is not a medicine, the "specialization" of Ma Yinglong's baby diaper is only to prevent the baby's "red ass". What is the record of the truth in the blog post?
"It is very likely that this patient has used a two-day hemorrhoid cream, which happens to be effective after wearing a diaper!" Many doctors concluded.
"This thing is just like many of the "prescriptions" that are circulating on the Internet. It is a coincidence that the netizens must not take it seriously. If it is to prevent the red ass from being given to the baby, it is of course a unique choice to buy Ma Yinglong diapers. "Babao secret recipe" is not a problem for any domestic and foreign brand diapers! But if you have hemorrhoids, you should use hemorrhoids cream or surgery according to the doctor's advice, but you can't find a 'shortcut' in a mess." A doctor finally said .
It is understood that the obvious effect of Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream is related to the patient's physical condition and the severity of the disease. Some one or two days or even the same day have obvious effects, while others have an effect for one or two weeks. According to the blog post, the blogger has used 2-3 days of hemorrhoids cream when he is wearing a baby diaper. The possibility of "coincidence" is indeed great.
At this point, the truth about the problem of "Ma Yinglong diapers can treat hemorrhoids" has already become clear, but for the question of how bloggers wear baby diapers, I am afraid that only the bloggers can be contacted to get the exact answer!
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