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Ma Yinglong diaper to prevent baby red ass, used for 30 years

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Core tips:Diaper machine Since the beginning of this year, in the domestic diaper market, Ma Yinglong diapers, which are the mainstay of preventing "baby red ass", have sprung up. Under the drive of consumer word-of-mouth, the three baby diapers are lined up by the &quo
Since the beginning of this year, in the domestic Diaper market, Ma Yinglong diapers, which are the mainstay of preventing "baby red ass", have sprung up. Under the drive of consumer word-of-mouth, the three Baby diapers are lined up by the "Zhizhen Guardian", "Zhen Love Hug" and "Zhen Guard". The sales volume has reached a new high, becoming the brightest "star" brand in the domestic diaper industry. In the face of such impressive results, Ma Yinglong told everyone a "secret": Ma Yinglong baby diapers can effectively prevent baby red butt, because the development of thirty years of deep accumulation!
But is this true? Does it take 30 years to develop a piece of diaper? Why is it 30 years?
"If you start from the 1980s when the masses used Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream to treat baby red ass, the development time of Ma Yinglong baby diapers actually exceeded 30 years! It is these thirty years of accumulation that made Ma Yinglong baby diapers prevent baby. The excellent effect of the red skin stocks makes the products enter the market quickly and then 'stay in the future'" Wang Hantao, head of Ma Yinglong's maternal and child care section.
The development process is divided into three phases, and the cumulative time is more than 30 years.
"From the research process, the development process of Ma Yinglong diapers can be roughly divided into three stages." Wang Hantao introduced.
“The first stage started from the early 1980s to the year before and after 2004. At this stage, people from all over the country spontaneously used Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream to treat baby red ass. The 'results' confirmed that Ma Yinglong’s hemorrhoid cream was used to prevent baby red ass. The exact effect, but lacks systematic summaries and authoritative arguments."
“The second phase is from around 2005 to 2009. During this period, public hospitals and medical research institutions across the country conducted clinical observations and demonstrations on the issue of Ma Yinglong’s hemorrhoids cream to prevent baby red ass. The conclusion that 'the curative effect is affirmative, the effect is quick, and it is worthy of clinical promotion and application' has formed a large number of academic research papers at this stage, and most of them are published in national authoritative medical journals. The subject leaders are mostly authoritative experts in the field of pediatrics."
“The third stage was marked by Ma Yinglong’s joint research with the Peking University Postdoctoral Workstation and the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2009 on the mechanism of “Babao Secret recipe” for treating diaper rash in infants. By 2014, Ma Yinglong diapers were introduced to the market. This stage completely solved the problem of the fusion of 'Babao Secrets' and baby diapers."
There is no doubt that in the three phases, the results of the second phase of research are crucial. According to the author's preliminary statistics, in this stage, there are more than 20 hospitals and related institutions that have spontaneously invested in research, and there are thousands of clinical cases. At present, a large number of related papers can still be found in Zhiwang and Wanfang data.
From the accumulation of more than 30 years of research, in the current domestic and global diaper industry, dare to say that the brand that is effective in preventing baby red ass has no second place except Ma Yinglong diapers, because more than 30 years of research have been extensive. Application practice, there are a large number of accurate and authoritative research results, giving Ma Yinglong diapers enough "foundation", can withstand the test, and was questioned. Looking at the world, in this field, Ma Yinglong said that he is the second, no brand dare to say that he is the first.
Ma Yinglong baby diaper = eight treasure secret recipe + baby diaper
There is no doubt that Ma Yinglong's baby diapers can effectively prevent baby red buttocks. The core lies in the "integration of the eight treasures" and the diapers, but the solution to this problem is not easy.
“In 2009, Ma Yinglong joined the Peking University Postdoctoral Workstation and the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine to conduct research. The core issue was to solve the application problem of 'Babao Secrets' in diapers. For this reason, the world-class technology was introduced, and the number of experiments exceeded 10,000. The perfect integration of the people, it is possible to prevent the production of Ma Yinglong diapers that can prevent baby red ass." Wang Hantao introduced.
It is understood that this stage has solved three major problems. The first is the formula problem of "Babao Secret recipe" applied to baby diapers. Although the application practice and academic research have already proved the exact effect of "Babao Secret" on baby red ass through Ma Yinglong hemorrhoids cream, Ma Yinglong hopes to base on baby buttocks. The absorption capacity of the skin finds the best formula; secondly, it realizes the "broad spectrum" prevention problem of the baby red diaper of Ma Yinglong baby diaper, and builds a strong "protective umbrella" for the health of the baby's buttocks of 0-3 years old; third, solved The core issue of the combination of "eight treasure secret recipes" and diapers is the "dosage form" problem of "eight treasure secret recipes" on diapers.
The formula of “Babao Secret Party” has been kept highly secreted for hundreds of years. Many of the research results in the third stage belong to Ma Yinglong’s “core secret” at present and in the future, but for consumers, the ultimate meaning of research is The application of value, the Ma Yinglong baby diaper that can perfectly prevent the baby's red ass is finally coming out, which is more important than anything else.
The "good" of Ma Yinglong's baby diapers is not just to prevent "red ass"...
As a new type of baby care products, while trying to solve the problem of preventing baby red buttocks, Ma Yinglong has always set the goal of pursuing the ultimate in the product materials, model design and manufacturing process of diapers, such as the design of super-compressed core. Body structure, summer sultry weather can also achieve "ultra-thin and non-inductive; double-layer high-efficiency leak-proof design, ultra-high leak-proof rim, sleep at night to say goodbye to leakage of urine; use breathable base film, ultra-efficient vent, reduce ass Wet...
“Ma Yinglong baby diapers are not only unique in preventing baby red buttocks, but also reach the international first-class level in terms of materials, models, water absorption performance and experience. They are not inferior to any imported products! This is also the product can be quickly An important reason for gaining a foothold in the high-end market." Wang Hantao introduced.
The pursuit of the ultimate, the concept of first-class products made Ma Yinglong baby diapers won the consumer, won the word of mouth, and won the market.
Ms. Liu, a project manager of a large real estate company in Wuhan, said to her daughter Mibao after using Ma Yinglong's baby diapers: “It’s never been more than an hour to change the diaper of Mibao, even more than two hours of diaper or very Refreshing, there is no red butt, when I take off the diaper, the urine is not wet and the full urine is stored, but the baby's ass is the same "dry", not the same as the "wet". "Ma Yinglong has a three-dimensional protective circumference around the waist. It is softer than the general diaper, and the elasticity is also good. It has been repeatedly pasted several times, and it does not affect the use at all, and Mibao has never happened. The phenomenon of leak detection"...
Undoubtedly, for more than 400 years since the advent of the world, if it was the eye cream that made Ma Yinglong start the "famous", hemorrhoids cream made Ma Yinglong win the "new birth", then the diaper opened a new "growth dream" for Ma Yinglong... ...
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