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Manushi Chillar launches sanitary pad manufacturing unit on Nelson Mandela's birth anniversary

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar was in Mvezo to launch low-cost sanitary napkin manufacturing machine on Nelson Mandela's birth anniversary. 
       Marking the centenary anniversary of former South African President and anti-Apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela, Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar launched a Sanitary napkins manufacturing unit in Mvezo, South Africa, which is also the birth place of Mandela.Sanitary pads is one of the feminine care products.
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       Taking to her Instagram, Chiller posted a picture with a caption that said, "It was such an honour to meet his excellency, President CyrilRamaphosa and inaugurate South Africa's first 100% compostable and low cost sanitary pad manufacturing machine in Mvezo, the birthplace of NelsonMandela.
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       A new milestone achieved! Nelson Mandela said that poor Menstrual hygiene was one of the three reasons why girls were facing inequality as compared to boys. It was an honour to inaugurate the first sanitary pad manufacturing unit set up by us in South Africa along with his excellency, President Cyril Ramaphosa. It was a pleasure to escort you to the unit and explain the project and how the unit works. Work has already started and the first batch of 100% compostable, low cost sanitary pads have been produced! Two shifts of six to eight women and one supervisor each have been trained to operate the unit providing employment to the women of Mvezo. Around 2000 pads will be produced everyday and no girl shall feel uncomfortable while attending school. We already have more than 40 of these units running across 12 states of India. We are soon to open a unit in Johannesburg and also move to Kenya and Rwanda. Witnessing my project cross continents in such a short period of time is like a dream come true! Milestones still to be achieved...
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       Sanitary napkin produced by sanitary pads production line generally consists of three parts: surface layer, absorbent layer and base layer,when using, we should consider from the material and function of these three parts.
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       First, the surface should choose dry mesh funnel type.Dry surface can make local skin free from moisture;Funnel design is superior to bucket design, infiltration of the liquid is not easy reflux.
       Second, the middle layer should be breathable and contain a highly efficient gel layer.The sanitary napkin with high efficiency gelatinization layer can condense the infiltrated liquid into gel-like shape, do not infiltrate back after pressure, the surface does not feel sticky.
       Thirdly, the bottom layer is made of the selected breathable material, which can make the gas-like water molecules pass smoothly, so as to achieve the effect of timely discharge of moisture, effectively reduce the effect of sanitary napkin and body discharge of moisture, effectively reduce the humidity and heat between sanitary napkin and the body, and keep dry and fresh.
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