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Men's business to do sanitary napkins: plan to sell sanitary napkins to men

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine "After listening to my girlfriend's spit, I realized that the most suitable sanitary napkin for girls has been neglected. If I can personally make a perfect sanitary napkin for her, is this a good gift? After that, Tiancheng visited nearly 10
Start selling something you absolutely can't think of
Sanitary napkin...
If not because of porn
That is because of love
This young man is called Tiancheng. He learned in an accidental chat that his girlfriend would be allergic to all domestic Sanitary napkins. Every time he had to ask a friend to buy from Japan.
"After listening to my girlfriend's spit, I realized that the most suitable sanitary napkin for girls has been neglected. If I can personally make a perfect sanitary napkin for her, is this a good gift?
After that, Tiancheng visited nearly 10 sanitary napkin factories within a week. The more I learned, the more the industry has not progressed in the past ten years, and the quality of fluorescent agents, dyes, formaldehyde and other products have to be resolved.
After collecting the privacy advice of hundreds of girls around, Tiancheng discovered that “because of the entrepreneurial selfishness of love, what he is doing may affect too much like his girlfriend, pay attention to the details of life, and pay attention to the quality of life. Urban women.
I slept with a sanitary napkin for 3 months and felt with my face every day.
Starting from the layman who did not understand the sanitary napkin industry at all, Tiancheng and Xiaoer spent too much time on the quality of sanitary napkins!
“It’s just a matter of running a material supplier. We spent four months. After studying for a while, we found that the root cause of allergies is the material.
But how can we feel empathy, which is a problem that I can't avoid!
The factory owner said that the man's hand is thick and he can't feel it. He needs to use his face to understand.
He put the bedclothes on his bed with sanitary napkins, semi-chemical cotton soft, dry mesh, and strong cotton. He took a face every day before going to bed, woke up and took a face.
Tiancheng said that he is now
The brand and material that can distinguish the sanitary napkin with the face
Recalling the experience of communicating with manufacturers, Tiancheng can't laugh.
"Now most of the sanitary napkins on the market are cotton soft surface. To put it plainly, it is artificial synthetic fiber, which is derived from petroleum. I decided to use the cotton material imported from the United States at the beginning, and the price is softer than cotton. It is 5 times more expensive.
At that time, the factory owner dissuaded us all the time, saying that for most women who are not allergic, they simply can't feel the difference, you don't have to spend such a big price. Do cotton, sell expensive, no one buys, sells cheap, you have to lose money, why bother.
But Tiancheng always feels that he can't pass his own. In the end, the factory owner couldn't help him, but he agreed.
From the selection of fabrics to the ratio of absorbent beads, the breathability of the base film, the dustproof and antibacterial coating of the film, Tiancheng spent more than half a year polishing the products, and personally checked the production process. The first generation products finally came out.
“Light life,” I hope to remind everyone through this product that in a fast-paced city, we need to live a little lighter!
Moreover, he presented a new concept to his first generation of products - "the first box of sanitary napkins sold to men.
Sell ​​sanitary napkins to men? It seems that there has never been a sanitary napkin company that has done this before. Isn't this a whimsical?
However, Tiancheng did not see it this way. He said: "The boys came to buy the sanitary napkins for their other half. One is to represent the intimate relationship, and the other is really intimate.
"I know that many men talk about this topic and feel embarrassed, but if a man really wants to spend money to buy our sanitary napkin for his girlfriend, it is not only our success, but also the success of this man, it is this woman's success!
In order to realize this idea, Tiancheng has a lot of brains.
He spared no expense, and asked the vice president of the Shenzhen Design Industry Association to personally give a complete set of VI and packaging design for light life. Let it look a little like a sanitary napkin, but like a gift box.
"If the girl receives a parcel in the uncomfortable days, the first thing that comes to mind is his photo and the boyfriend’s love for himself. Then I see the sanitary napkin that my boyfriend prepared for myself. I don’t want to be touched. It’s hard.
In order to add new elements to the gift box, Tiancheng also prepared small details of the customized design. Many users took the initiative to take photos and send friends in the moment. "The big aunt is no longer difficult to talk about, but has a temperature and fun, and even light life fans use it to confess.
According to Tiancheng, male customers who purchased the first generation accounted for 60% of the total, and before that, male consumers accounted for less than 5% of the sanitary napkin industry.
Return to the initial heart and do "subtraction" for sanitary napkins
"The sanitary napkins sold to men have been passed down for ten, and ten pass, and light life has accumulated the first batch of seed users, and has received millions of angel investment from the investment institution "Shenzhen Guofuyuan."
Tiancheng swayed in major cities in China every day, and met the media, investors, and big cafés in the circle;
His partner, Xiao Er, took a team of ten people to expand business cooperation, organize offline promotion, and rack his brains to create content that can be eye-catching;
For a time, light life has become a hot topic of concern for major media, entrepreneurial websites, and television broadcasts.
The light life team is young and crazy, with strong execution
"But we know that we care too much about the outside and neglect the internal cultivation, over-packaging the marketing and ignoring the user experience. This is not the light life we ​​want. Tiancheng said, "After fading these illusions, we decided to pay more attention to the product itself.
They consulted more girls and used it as a reference to continuously improve the product over and over again until we got the third generation of this fully upgraded product.
"It took all the details and all the users who met and my team were very satisfied.
This is a piece of cotton without added sanitary napkins.
Tiancheng said:
"Light life is both the attitude of life in our faith.
Is also the attitude of doing products
As a sanitary napkin
We hope that it is not hidden in the corner of the room
Or bathroom niches
But a really pleasant product
0 fluorescent agent, 0 staining agent, 0 chemical fiber, 0 formaldehyde
Use Strict Midding grade 100% native cotton imported from the US
Really "healthy, safe, 0 sensitized
Cotton ≠ cotton soft
‘Mianrou’ is actually a word game played by some merchants. Its main material is chemical fiber + adhesive.
Sensitive muscles instinctively resist, which is why some people use cotton to soften and also have a small red rash.
“Pure cotton is lightly processed with natural cotton to form a clean cotton surface.
Whether it is a postpartum mother or a sensitive muscle group, you can use it with confidence.
They also found a Japanese Sumitomo polymer (a newly developed superabsorbent resin with fast absorption and dry gel after absorption), which is pressed into a thin piece of paper. It can absorb 200ml of water.
Ultra-thin, it is the way the sanitary napkin should look
Light life uses the Sumitomo polymer in Japan, which has the characteristics of fast absorption and dry gel after absorption.
The light-duty sanitary napkin with a thickness of only 0.1cm is 1/3 thinner than the ordinary supermarket and can absorb 200ml of water.
The most aesthetic sanitary napkin
On the packaging, the light-weight living use pull-out carton, which is more convenient and sanitary to access and store.
In addition, the light life has also removed the unnecessary sanitary napkin patterns and selling points, completely get rid of the embarrassment of the purchase, and no longer need to ask the cashier for a black bag.
At the suggestion of his girlfriend, he also specially designed a "portable bag."
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