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Mo female hand note | baby after school to find a wet pants in kindergarten

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Core tips:Diaper machine A few days ago, I took the baby home from the kindergarten. I found out that his pants were not lifted, and he gave him a handy hand. I didn’t expect the hand to touch it inside, but it was wet. I asked, are you urinating pants? The little guy shook his h
 Mo female hand note | baby after school to find a wet pants in kindergarten
Lead: There are endless incidents of child abuse in kindergartens, and there is a serious crisis of trust between parents and kindergarten teachers. If one day your baby comes home with a wet trousers and is told to tell you that it is wet when you take a nap, what do you do?
Kindergarten Diaper event
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A few days ago, I took the baby home from the kindergarten. I found out that his pants were not lifted, and he gave him a handy hand. I didn’t expect the hand to touch it inside, but it was wet. I asked, are you urinating pants? The little guy shook his hand and said that nothing was all right. He repeatedly asked that he was wetting the bed when he was napping in the kindergarten. The little guy had a self-respect and told the teacher, the teacher did not find it, so the cold day was so wet. in the afternoon.
There was also a diaper trousers incident in kindergarten. Although there was no replacement clothing, the teacher found him wearing other children's spare clothes and returned. This time the little guy has self-respect and feels that it is a shameful thing to pee in the kindergarten, so when the teacher didn't find it, he chose to hide this "wasting thing".
How to communicate effectively with your baby
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Maybe some parents will go to the kindergarten to ask the teacher because they are distressed, why the baby is wearing a wet trousers, and your teacher did not find it in the afternoon. I did not do this. On the one hand, because the children have already gone to the big class, there is enough trust and understanding between the parents and the teachers. On the other hand, from the child's performance when referring to the teacher, it can be seen that the child likes the kindergarten teacher very much. I believe she will not humiliate him or say some intimidation because of the baby's diaper.
I asked some details carefully, and I initially judged that the problem is likely to be on my son. Perhaps it is because the children in the diaper pants have been teased by other children, and he feels that he is not willing to be teased; perhaps because of his last diaper pants, some of our words are not appropriate, accusing him of how big it is to pee. These behaviors and language touch the child's self-esteem.
In fact, this thing made me a little happy. Although it was so cold, he wore a wet trousers in the afternoon and was very uncomfortable, and it was very likely to cause a cold. Because my son grew up, he was ashamed. The so-called shame is based on self-respect and moral emotions.
Before that, because grandparents always love to take his little cow (small JJ), he said that if he is not obedient, he will take his calf. Often it is a game of desire, one is there to hide and hide, and laugh and play again, this is like a game between them. Occasionally, when I was on a business trip, he and my video would swing the bare butt against the camera and scream with me. Sometimes, the second old man does not care for him, but he will go to the grandparents' room after taking a shower, barefoot and swaying and swaying his grandmother, grandma, you come to marry my little cow! I have stopped this kind of play many times, but the two old and the little ones are different, I am quite helpless.
The problem of diaper pants is always solved. After I put on clean clothes, I took my son and told him carefully. In fact, diaper pants are not a shameful thing, because the baby drank too much soup or played in the kindergarten at noon. It’s so tired, so it’s like this. Many children will pee their pants, and the teacher will not blame the baby. The weather is so cold, is it very uncomfortable if the wet pants are not replaced in time? And it is especially easy to catch a cold. The next time you encounter such a situation, the baby must tell the teacher in time, the mother will put a set of clothes in the kindergarten for spare, so the baby will not wear clothes without wet clothes, it really doesn't matter. The little guy nodded very carefully after listening to it.
How to communicate effectively with kindergarten
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I communicated with the kindergarten teacher when I picked up the child. In fact, many parents are very afraid that the baby will communicate with the teacher after the kindergarten has problems. I am afraid that the teacher will blame them for many things. I am afraid that the wrong words will cause the teacher to dislike and thus anger the baby. In fact, according to the teacher I know, when encountering a baby problem, as long as it is not a deliberate or indiscriminate accusation, the teacher will generally actively cooperate with the parents to deal with it.
I have read an article about a parent who is most disliked by a kindergarten teacher. The teacher should be most disgusted by the fact that the parents go to the head of the school and look for leadership. Kindergartens have their own assessment system, and it is very likely that our one-time accountability teacher has lost the qualifications of outstanding teachers. For example, in simple terms, kindergartens pick up and swipe cards. Some parents sometimes carelessly forget to bring a card. In general, there will be a registration book for kindergartens, and there is no transfer registration form for parents with cards. Many parents feel that they can pick up and drop off children without a card, so they forget it and forget it. However, it should be noted that the kindergarten implements the credit card system, and more importantly, it is for the safe handover of the baby between the kindergarten and the family. In the attitude of being responsible for the safety of the baby, everyone should also brush the card. My son’s kindergarten implements such a system. If the parents do not bring the card to pick up the child, they will deduct the teacher’s money once. Although a dollar may not be a problem for the teacher, it is related to the teacher’s assessment and even the child’s attendance rate. It is related to the teacher's job evaluation. Therefore, the relevant regulations of the school are still strictly adhered to, so as not to add unnecessary trouble to the teacher.
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The topic turned back to the son's diaper, because after two years of contact, I knew that my son's teacher was not without responsibility or a teacher who lacked love, so she certainly did not know about this matter. If I tell her with any dissatisfaction, she will definitely be guilty. So, I chose to say this, Teacher Deng, after the baby came home from school, I found that his pants were wet. After careful inquiry, he said that he was wet when he was napping in the kindergarten. Because there was no urine to the bed, the teacher did not find it. He was afraid that the children would I made fun of it and it was so wet for an afternoon. I told him that diaper pants are not a shameful thing, because the baby is still small, many children will pee their pants, and now the weather is cold, so it is easy to catch a cold. He said that he knew, I don't know if he would have another situation in which the trousers were deliberately concealed. Therefore, if there is more soup at noon or a larger amount of activity during the class, I will trouble Dr. Deng to observe more. I will prepare a set of replacement clothes in kindergarten in the future. I am very happy that my baby has grown up and has a shameful heart. In addition, I hope that the teacher can tell the baby about the problem of diaper pants is not shameful, give him the correct guidance, compared to me he should be more acceptable to accept your opinion.
The teacher sighed and expressed his apology, saying that he was negligent in his work. He did not pay attention to the baby's diaper pants. It would not be a shameful thing to tell the baby about the diaper pants. I will pay more attention next time.
My treatment is not necessarily the most appropriate, but my son told me after school that Teacher Deng told him that diaper pants are not a shameful thing, and the expression is pleasant and relaxed. As for the effect, it remains to be seen, because he has never urinated his pants.
Conclusion: I don't understand how there are so many negative news about kindergartens now, how the garbage people are mixed into the teaching team, and how can they go to abuse our small and so cute children. But we still have to believe in the existence of more positive energy. Most of the teachers are engaged in the work of being a teacher. Any distrust factor can cause tension and unhappiness between people. How can we hold our trust to the end when the crisis of confidence is so serious? Personal opinion, before confirming the facts, we must treat the problem rationally. It is not too worrying, thinking, and letting too much negative information affect your correct judgment. Of course, if you confirm that your baby is being abused, you must be sensible to fight the "bad forces" in the end, and you should not tolerate them.
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