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Newborn diaper big event, "deep" debut, rewrite history

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Core tips:Diaper machine Diapers are a big deal! If you don't come to the scene, you can't think of it. A epoch-making high-end maternal and child brand “Deep” has just been released in the Hefei New Landmark Radio and Television Center. Prior to this, no matter whet
Diapers are a big deal! If you don't come to the scene, you can't think of it. A epoch-making high-end maternal and child brand “Deep” has just been released in the Hefei New Landmark Radio and Television Center.
Prior to this, no matter whether it was a domestic brand or an imported brand, there was no diaper tailored for newborn babies, nor a diaper with a natural material and non-chemical fiber surface.
The birth of Shenhe is to fill this world blank and create a new era in the field of neonatal professional care products!
On September 15, 2017, Ms. Xu Huiqin, Director of Nursing Department of Anhui Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Ms. Shen Ying, Director of Anhui Life Network Parent-child Channel, Ms. Yin Xiaolei, Director of Life Channel of Hefei Radio and TV Station, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Haoxing International Trade Co., Ltd. Mr. Song Lei, Director of Brand Marketing, industry experts, representatives of brand institutions, partners, customer representatives and friends from the media gathered together to witness the debut of “Morecarebaby” brand!
This is the first time that “Deep” has officially appeared in the media and the public. With love and sincerity, innovative technology and professional care, Shen Lei, the brand marketing director, has interpreted a new Baby diaper concept for us. :
1, the industry's most, custom intimate soft experience for newborn ultra-thin skin;
(Deeply, the silky soft touch of newborn diapers)
2, the first in China, food-grade safety milk silk diaper;
(from natural plant materials: wheat, corn, cassava)
3, the world's first, diaper and umbilical film split design, combined use of maternal and child products;
(Do not stick to the skin, inhibit bacteria and prevent infection, protect the navel wound to make it heal smoothly, keep warm and keep warm)
4, scientific child-rearing, no urine, no elastic design in the first stage.
(A thorough chemical removal factor is only safer; no elastic at the beginning of the waist is only more comfortable for the baby.)
Through these four innovations, as the brand slogan “Morecarebaby, for 28 days for newborns, professional care”, it brings not only a brand new product, but also a professional newborn. The concept of pampering endorsement.
Deep newborn diapers from the natural material of the milk silk surface layer, is the country's first non-chemical fiber surface diaper; its unique safety, era and forward-looking, representing the development trend of the new stage of China's maternal and child industry And the direction of growth; although the market promotion is still in its infancy, in the long run, the market for safe and innovative bio-surface materials (milk) is huge.
In the on-site activities, the mother and child industry experts, the director of the Anhui Maternal and Child Health Hospital Nursing Department Xu Huiqin and the pregnant mother representatives jointly carried out a positive discussion on the theme of “neonatal skin care” and “neonatal health conservation”. The pregnant mother answered questions. Every pregnant mother said that the content explained by Director Xu today will play an important role in the future baby care. The pregnant mothers are very grateful to be able to provide such a platform, and there are professional veterans to popularize scientific childcare for everyone. know how.
In the press conference, a product interaction session was also established. The host invited several dads to experience the original intention of brand design to convey love and understanding. Let the new life in the pregnant mother's belly feel the respect of the new life of the father and mother, and the expectation of a happy life.
Finally, the live MV of the most beautiful pregnant mom creative contest was broadcasted on the spot, and the results of the competition were announced. The organizers, TV leaders and industry experts gave awards to the winning pregnant mothers. The most beautiful pregnant mothers were filled with faces. a happy expression.
I hope that through the power of the brand and the epoch-making product design, the mothers and newborns who need to be cared for in life can enjoy a healthier life.
Deep, because of understanding, so professional, because it is exclusive, so healthy. Choose deep, choose peace of mind!
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