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Original sanitary napkin: Why is "organic" the new favorite in the market?

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine Original sanitary napkin: Why is "organic" the new favorite in the market? Organic aunt towel (sanitary towel), recently suddenly fire! From the beginning of June 2016, in just over half a month, thousands of micro-businesses have joined, and
Original Sanitary napkin: Why is "organic" the new favorite in the market?
Organic aunt towel (Sanitary towel), recently suddenly fire! From the beginning of June 2016, in just over half a month, thousands of micro-businesses have joined, and even many ordinary people who know little about micro-business and women's private care have often promoted the world's first. The micro-business of organic cotton cloth aunt towel...
Original title: Original sanitary napkin: Why "organic" has become the new favorite of the market
Organic aunt towel (sanitary towel), recently suddenly fire! From the beginning of June 2016, in just over half a month, thousands of micro-businesses have joined, and even many ordinary people who know little about micro-business and women's private care have often promoted the world's first. The micro-business of organic cotton cloth aunt towel...
Sanitary napkins, actually organic and inorganic? The reporter opened the "organic aunt towel" online shop, the first reaction is: the price is really expensive, more expensive than most sanitary napkins in the supermarket! From a common sense, sanitary napkins are different from mobile phones and clothing. Generally, there is no possibility of “conspicuous consumption”. Then, what is the reason for the organic sanitary napkins that have been “turned out” has become a woman at the beginning of the market. Preferred, the new favorite of many micro-businesses?
Peace of mind, intimate: the current market scarcity
“Why buy a few dollars of aunt's towel? This question is like why so many people, from milk powder, cosmetics to the toilet seat, would rather spend a higher price, trusting people to buy from abroad.” Face to interview, several micro Business, said the same thing.
Next, let's listen to the user's voice again.
"I don't know what organic aunt towel is, but which one (product) is more comfortable, I know it when I use it." A net name is a French-speaking white-collar worker of 90 years old. The speech is very straightforward. "Water absorption, breathability, which is better and better." In particular, I am allergic, even if some so-called imported aunt towel, it may still be itchy and allergic. I buy "as is" (organic sanitary napkin), just try it, the result of "these days" in June It can be said that I have been the most comfortable and uncomfortable in my years (menstrual period)..."
"I am a strong woman, I often go on business trips to talk about business. Come to my aunt, the smell is very troublesome; then there is a sudden aunt, especially in the crowded occasions, very embarrassing. And the original aunt towel, in addition to organic cotton, international Certification, the most two things that I can't get away from are the first two points. The first is to go to the amateur, I can still attend the business banquet in the past few days. The second is the built-in sealed wet tissue, which looks simple. The details made me avoid a lot of embarrassment."
"I have been doing Supply Chain (supply chain), and I have to pay for it. Most of the time it is. Like aunt's towel, a woman's personal belongings, about an average of one piece of money, the price is low, the cost must be lower. Some brands It is cheap to make high-end image, abuse whitening agent, and illegal use of migratory fluorescent agent with cancer risk. It has long been an open secret in this industry. Peace of mind and peace of mind have become luxury in the current market. An insider who did not want to be named, facing the reporter, was very emotional.
Like the intimate details of the wet wipes attached to the sealed single piece, according to the reporter's current understanding, there are almost no other brands of products to do so except for the "as is" organic sanitary napkins. It seems that the brand of sanitary napkins market, the real peace of mind, intimate, has always been a scarce product, and this is the blue ocean of "as is" organic sanitary napkins. "The most scarce public demand must be the best-selling." An agent of the original organic sanitary napkins, concise, in a word.
Subversion in "essence" is more important than detail innovation
Regarding the above-mentioned micro-business and user's point of view, Xiu Wentao, the founder of the organic sanitary napkin brand, not only agreed, but also told reporters another point of view:
“It’s important to have details such as a dust-free, sterile seal and a built-in disinfectant wipe, but in my opinion, a sanitary napkin with a temperature and attitude should be. Any hygiene. Towels, in fact, can do this long ago, and it should have been done long ago. And our organic sanitary napkins - the original organic cotton sanitary napkins, her core is to return to the most original appearance of sanitary napkins, in essence Subversion, not just minor innovations in certain details."
From the beginning of the project, Xiu Wentao named this organic sanitary napkin “as is”. The name contains two meanings. The first is “the appearance and standard that the sanitary napkin should have.” The second is “ Return to the original appearance of sanitary napkins." Any of these can be said to be a subversion of the market structure.
Since ancient times, both Chinese and foreign women have used clean cotton cloth during menstruation. Today's sanitary napkins, the surface layer is mostly made of artificial materials, such as soft and so on. To this end, the original team is determined to return to the origin of the industry, regardless of daily use, night use, pads, all sanitary napkin surface, all use dust-free sterile, non-additive cotton cloth.
For the only raw material of pure cotton - cotton, Xiu Wentao led the original team, after careful selection, and finally selected organic cotton from the original Indian farm. Organic here is an internationally accepted quality and safety standard. It requires not only chemical additives, but also from planting to harvesting. The whole process cannot use highly toxic pesticides, and can not use fertilizers that are harmful to the ecological environment...
Every other raw material of the original sanitary napkins follows the strictest standards of human body safety and is selected from the products of well-known manufacturers around the world. For example, the backing of the original sanitary napkin, produced by Henkel in Germany, has reached the food-grade safety standard; the polymer absorbent resin of the original sanitary napkin, produced by Sumitomo, has strong water lock and side leakage. In addition, the original sanitary napkins also have an exclusive "antibacterial self-cleaning chip" developed to prevent bacteria and taste, and avoid the troubles caused by menstrual odors...
The two most subversive features of the original - organic, as well as the surface of pure cotton, have been internationally certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, with OCS100 (ie, 100% pure cotton cloth on the surface, no additives), these two eye-catching logos are on the packaging of the original Aunt towel.
As it is, the Chinese sanitary napkin brand independently developed by the Chinese is not only unique in the country, but also the leader in the sanitary napkin industry in the world. The original sanitary napkin is the world's first organic cotton sanitary napkin. So far, it is the only one. It is the first!
The greatest success is the trust of users.
"The reason why the organic aunt towel quickly became popular, in the final analysis, only five words: the user's trust. And the user's trust is our business opportunity, our iron rice bowl." One abandoned his past projects, investing more than 100,000 yuan in The elite micro-business of the original sanitary napkin, told reporters. When it comes to sales performance, the micro-business said: The agent "as is" is not only a question of how much the net profit increases, but also a turning point from micro-business to entrepreneurs.
"To tell the truth, the original organic aunt towel, Taobao shop's praise message is not much, but we have capricious capital, do not have to look for water military praise posts, because most users who buy organic aunt towel, will continue to buy, and It is very likely that people around will be bought together. This alone is enough!" A franchisee who runs Taobao stores has heard the voices of many other peers.
From the occasional attempt to purchase, to the long-lasting trust, the original organic aunt towel in addition to the ultimate comfort, peace of mind, intimate, and another magic weapon - with a combination of slim and protective. The Fiber-Nursing Natural Care Series is another private brand developed by Xiu Wentao's “Chengshi Baokang” team, which includes a “fibrous Chinese medicine nursing pad” that comprehensively regulates and relieves dysmenorrhea, and is purely natural and non-irritating. You can clean the private area of ​​the "fibre snow bubble care mousse" without diluting, as well as from the private surface, to the underwear, toilet seat, only one spray can inhibit more than 99% of the "fibrinolytic spray" ". The original sanitary napkins are sold in a very flexible manner. They can be sold one by one, or they can be sold as gift boxes. They can also be combined with a variety of “packages”.
When a girl suffering from dysmenorrhea and even gynecological inflammation, she bought the original and slim combination suit, not only can she enter and exit the social place with peace of mind during the menstrual period, or run and exercise, there is a comfortable pad before and after menstruation, and she can carry a sealed piece on her business trip. Moreover, to alleviate dysmenorrhea, there is a traditional Chinese medicine nursing pad with Tianshan snow lotus as the main material; for the gynecological inflammation hidden danger in daily life, there is a fiber mousse, there is a bacteriostatic spray...
In the prevailing “channel is king” and “eyeball attention”, today is full of impetuous, and ultimately wins, and is more likely to laugh at the last, usually a craftsman enterprise that is a solid product. This is the biggest secret, and it is a "business secret" that has been made public for a long time, but few people have been able to comprehend it.
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