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Paper and board have key roles in the future of packaging

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Facial tissue machine Paper and paperboard will continue to play a vital role in the evolving global packaging market according to the latest exclusive research from Smithers Pira.

Asia is forecast to grow packaging consumption at the fastest rate, led by China and India. This is largely attributable to growing populations, rising disposable incomes, and a transition from traditional markets to the purchasing of packaged consumerist goods, especially in the food segment. China alone is forecast to represent almost 48.0% of world packaging consumption growth through to 2022 with India accounting for a further 8.5%.

Pulp and paper is represented in the two largest packaging material segments – board and flexibles –in 2017.Facial tissue can be packed by two packaging machine:soft-drawn tissue packing machine by plastic bag and facial tissue boxing and sealing machine by carton.They all adopt automatic material handling and conveying mechanism, which is convenient to combine with automatic facial tissue V/N fold production line, and can greatly reduce labor cost.
       soft-drawn tissue packing machine          facial tissue boxing and sealing machine

The position of folding cartons within global packaging will face competition in the future from new more streamlined pack formats – like resealable stand-up pouches – that do not require secondary cartons. Additional competition will also be seen from upright flexible packaging, e.g. shrink film for multi-packs of beverages, and corrugated boxes. Future demand will also be affected by factors such as falling sales of tobacco and cigarettes, and an increase in offshore production of toys and sports products that are shipped pre-packed.

Higher paperboard prices, which impact on profitability, may another challenge, but in the short term board prices are generally decreasing as a result of rising European board output and high exports from an oversupplied Chinese board market.
       soft-drawn tissue package          facial tissue in paper box

       Folding cartons demand is predicted to grow in four main end-use segments. More spending is expected on luxury items, while the on-the-go eating trend will drive demand for retail carryout cartons. A larger ageing population and health enfranchisement worldwide will also increase demand for cartons in the pharmaceuticals category. Environmental factors and lightweighting is also expected to underpin faster than average growth in use of beverage cartons.

       The whole machine of
facial tissue boxing and packing machine is compact structure, fast packaging speed, stable and reliable performance, high degree of automation, simple operation,it is the best production of paper towel packaging products!Working principle of soft-drawn facial tissue packing machine: bagging, automatic conveyance, automatic bagging, automatic sealing, automatic discharging, automatic completion (type 1 sealing).The packing speed of automatic facial tissue boxing and sealing machine is 30-80 boxes/min.
       facial tissue boxing and packing machine       

Flexible packaging is forecast to grow consumption at the fastest rate through to 2022, driven by advantages in lightweight, demand for smaller more convenient packaging and improvements in design. Growth will be strongest for flexible plastics which are already two third of the market, but flexible papers will perform only slightly less well across the five year forecast, with aluminium seeing the smallest boost, as pricing and improvements in competing barrier materials squeeze its share.


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