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Paper handkerchief technology

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Handkerchief tissue machine The Europe-wide research by Westminster University, England and T.Ü.V. Rhineland, Germany, has proved the advantages of hand wiping with paper rather than with textiles or warm air.
       Handkerchief paper made by mini type handkerchief paper manufacturing machine is a kind of clean paper, the function is equivalent to traditional handkerchief for wiping,pocket tissue produced by handkerchief tissue making machine is made with soft paper, which the main component is bleached wood pulp.Vacuum mini type face tissue machine and automatic pocket tissue packing machine can make up the whole handkerchief paper production line.
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       It was demonstrated that after washing bacteria on hands increase. However, after drying with absorbent material (paper tissue) bacteria on hands was seen to decrease by up to 24%. ‘We can further improve on these results with our new handkerchief range Katrin One Stop,’ researchers at Finland’s manufacturer Metsä Tissue report, adding that, due to an innovative embossed pattern, the new pocket tissues made by handkerchief tissue machine are softer, stronger, more absorbent, but still more cost-effective. ‘They absorb up to 20% more bacteria and dry hands up to 100% faster than conventional paper products. Any germs and bacteria remaining after washing are, according to the research results, drastically reduced. In an age of risk infection worldwide, this is decisive news.’
       Metsä Tissue adds that it always provides a range of suitable dispensers to guarantee user-friendly and maintenance-free usage. In addition, the user should be able to choose a unit that suits and accentuates the surroundings. So, environmental hygiene and economy are not reduced. One-Stop paper handkerchief dispensers are touch-free; dispense a folded, single sheet and are easy to clean. The Katrin Ultimatic collection and a metal version are available in matt stainless steel or high quality white.’
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       The Metsä paper handkerchief produced by tissue handkerchief machine quality has been dermatologically tested and was also successful in an independent hypo-allergy test, the firm adds. ‘Therefore the products are also suitable for people with sensitive skin - a prerequisite for all users, because only acceptance will keep hands clean, even in a healthcare environment. 
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       Handkerchief paper machine is used to make handkerchief paper which brings very big aspect to our life, because its exterior is small, convenient to carry, and it can absorb water, remove gray matter. Became the daily articles of daily life that every household loves to use, it also be loved by the general youth, popularly say, it can wipe face, hand wait for a lot of place.

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